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Captains Log: Saturday 4/28/12 Calgary

Hey there friend thanks for checking out the blog. Thanks to social media outlets Facebook and Twitter I was able to document my recent trip to the Calgary Comic And Entertainment Expo 2012. It was quite the quest filled with misadventure, good times and a few bad. Among my many activities that weekend it included the fact I got drunk with 'The Honky Tonk Man', I got to meet Stan Lee and most of the cast of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation', and I had a talk with comic book writing icon Peter David. 

The following is a log of each days activities with pictures included, with more blogs and pics later in the week. Enjoy and please leave a comment!

Captains Log: Saturday 4/28/12 Calgary

Seriously how many people can say they partied with The Honky Tonk Man?? I can!!! 12 hours ago I never would have imagined me using those words in a sentence!
Chris Lockhart Calgary Expo: where dreams you never imagined come true...

After a night of having beers with The Honky Tonk Man and only getting 4 hours of sleep I'm ready to tackle another day at the Calgary Comic Expo. Gonna get my pic with Stan Lee and Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard)!!
-Chris Lockhart Wish I could have slept longer but when that sun light hits my eyes I'm done. Plus this room is too warm. Plus I'm getting older and I like to complain about stuff.

Nice and sunny in Calgary!

Watching a chick dressed as 'Wonder Woman' sing and 'Super Mario' play guitar on stage at the Corral. They are actually good!

Got my pic with Stan Lee!!!

had to give up on getting a pic with Patrick Stewart today. Waited in line for an hour and a half for nothing! In line for my Fringe pic now
-Chris Lockhart Will try again tomorrow, but I definitely won't be getting as many pics as I wanted because they are poorly organized here!
-Chris Lockhart And now the Fringe line cancelled! Pissed off much!
-Chris Lockhart Back in line for Patrick Stewart...
-Brandy Stecyk-Sarapuk Wtf are they doing there? Why did you have to give it up? I woukd have raised the roof! !!
-Chris Lockhart I felt like it. Very poorly organized photo ops!
-Brandy Stecyk-Sarapuk shit man I should take my photography down there and run the show !! ......
-Chris Lockhart I don't know why they don't have more photographers here in multiple locations. It would be a gold mine!

* Captain Picard said "well done" to me!
-Chris Lockhart Meeting him was AWESOME!
-Chris Lockhart Very nice guy. Was worth all the hassle and 3 hour wait in line!!!

back at the room for a couple hours. Then off to the Star Trek :TNG EXPOsed show!!! Bought a few items, got to meet one of my comic book writer heroes, Peter David. He autographed some Hulk comics and novels for me.

-Will Kuhn Will they let you back in later? We were told once you left you can't get back in
-Will Kuhn We couldnt get in at all
-Chris Lockhart Crazy amount of people. My legs are so sore right now! Had to refund some of my photo ops because there is no way they can organize photo ops. Problem is they over sell and give no thought as to having enough time for everyone. Tomorrow getting my pic with Data (Brent Spiner) and the Fringe stars (John Noble and Jasika Nicole)
-Chris Lockhart I'd assume so. The TNG thing is a separate ticketed event.
-Will Kuhn Oh ok
-Chris Lockhart TNG EXPOsed is through Ticketmaster, not the Calgary Con. So they better let me in or there will be hell to pay! With all the money they make why don't they hire some people to actually run this thing efficiently?
-Will Kuhn I don't know, they must of turned away 3 to 5 thousand people

*No partying with 'Honky Tonk' tonight... I am so tired!!! Waiting in line to get into the TNG EXPOsed show!
-Chris Lockhart I think I should volunteer here next year. You don't do much, you get to have 'authority', you get to meet the stars for free and all the free pizza you want (apparently).
-Chris Lockhart But I am curious what celeb's may be at the lounge tonight...

*Finally at my seat for the show. Johnny Summers and his band is playing 'Sinatra' before the show starts.

wish they would have Brent Spiner come out on stage and sing some tunes.

*MOM; haven't had a chance to get an autograph yet from the 'Weasley Twins'. You wouldn't believe the line up they had!
-Darcy Lockhart Keep trying please

*Jailhouse Rock, swing band style!

*now Queen!! This band rocks!

*now some tall dude has to sit in front of me!! Chris Smash Now!!

*a guy just proposed to his girl and she said yes. While wearing Starfleet uniforms no less!!
Chris Lockhart Amazing stuff happens at the Calgary Con!
-Brianna Lockhart Rydvall Now that is romantic!!! Reminds me of The Terminal!!!!!!
-Brandy Stecyk-Sarapuk Now that is romance of the nerds !!! haha
-Angela Watt Oh man! Love it!!! I'd love to plan a trekkie wedding!! So amazing and takes a lot of guts for public proposal.
-Chris Lockhart I did a public proposal when I proposed.
-Angela Watt Very nicely done then, sir. I tip my hat to you
-Chris Lockhart Not that I'm bragging. But be sure to check out the story in a future installment of my Random Nerdness Blog... Shameless self promotion...
-Angela Watt Do it up! Maybe you could also place it on or do a summation with a link on my event planning blog. Also shameless self promotion. LOL
-Chris Lockhart Very nice! Lol

*now the show starts!!
-Chris Lockhart Garret Wang from Star Trek: Voyager is on stage.
-Chris Lockhart ‎8pm and still no Next Gen crew on stage!!! And now they call a 30 minute intermission. WTF????????? I'm running out of nice things to say about this place!!! Chris Smash now!
-Chris Lockhart Don't get me wrong I do enjoy my time in Calgary but this show needs better organization. There's no need to be pissing people off the way they are.
-Chris Lockhart Gotta pee but it's a 2 hour line up to the urinal...volunteers are turning people away fron the bathroom (lol). May have to man up and pee into my water bottle.
-Chris Lockhart People are getting pushy. May have to hand out some donkey punches...
-Chris Lockhart Seriously a douche with a braided goatee asked me to move to the side... If only I had some scissors to cut that abortion off his chin...
-Chris Lockhart I need a beer. But that won't help with the peeing situation...
-Chris Lockhart Hour and a half into the show and still no TNG cast... Maybe their transporter is broke? Where's Chief O'Brien? And where's Waldo?
-Chris Lockhart Now the shows starting?
-Chris Lockhart Teddy, Cynthia and Ajay from 'Innerspace' are on stage. They will be moderating the show!!

-Chris Lockhart Now the TNG cast is being brought out!
-Chris Lockhart Awesome!

-Chris Lockhart Dr Crusher is talking about Data's on button. She turned him on! Lol
-Lori Flood u are too funny
-Chris Lockhart Wil Wheaton just said something very touching. Very nice guy!

-Chris Lockhart Q just showed up!!! Holy shit!

-Chris Lockhart Wil Wheaton just asked Patrick Stewart about being on X-Men!
-Chris Lockhart Was a great show. Couldn't get any good pics due to poor lighting and a cheap camera. But still great. Hope they air it somewhere or available on iTunes. Couldn't get a cab so I added a half hour walking time. Tomorrow I plan to get my pic with Brent Spiner and Denise Crosby's autograph. Then I'll have met every TNG cast member!

* Watching 'Global Calgary' and they were showing how people were being turned away from the Calgary Con today. Even people with 3 day passes were not allowed in! Very poor planning... 
Chris Lockhart The best is the Organizers are saying they didn't over sell the show. Bullshit!! If it wasn't over sold the fire martial would allow them to let everyone who paid for a ticket to go in. They got greedy, it's that simple.Also that was the problem with the photo-ops too. They got greedy and over sold. It's just a matter of doing the math. Only sell what you can to make it work. I got to meet some cool celebs, get my pic taken, but not entirely sure if I'll be back for next year. Today really opened my eyes to how disorganized they are at the con. I've been told that the Toronto, Vancouver and Seattle Cons are much better organized. I may go there next year instead. We'll see who they bring to Calgary next year...Might make the trek to Vulcan Alberta for 'Spock Days' in june, either this year or next maybe. They get some celebs there too. But Comic Cons are better because people from comics, sci-fi, horror, wrestling and fantasy are included too. Maybe I'm just grumpy cause I'm tired. Well good night my friends and readers. See you in the future! (Tomorrow morning)...On CTV Calgary they reported Con Organizers are considering giving thise who couldn't get in with refunds...well duh!! You sold a service you didn't provide you give people their money back!!
-Brianna Lockhart Rydvall I'd be asking for a refund!!!!
-Angela Watt Wow. Just. Wow.
-Will Kuhn I heard they were doing that this afternoon

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