Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blog #24: Calgary Comic Book & Entertainment Expo 2012

Bought my Photo-op tickets for the Calgary Expo, April 27-29th. Had an issue with my VISA getting double billed but it is now resolved. The tech support for the Calgary con were able to address the problem with my visa getting double billed quickly, so I was very relieved. 
I'm getting my picture taken with 3 Star Trek: TNG stars: Brent Spiner (Data), Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard) and Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher).  But the entire cast of TNG will be there that weekend for a special 25th Anniversary Reunion Show called 'Star Trek: TNG EXPOsed', which is part of the Calgary Con but a separate ticketed event. Got my ticket for the Star Trek: TNG EXPOsed Reunion Show for Saturday April 28!!! Row 25 on the floor seating!!! They are offering photo-ops with the full cast of Star Trek: TNG at the con, but sadly a photo op with the TNG cast is $500!!! Way out of my budget...
Other stars I'll be getting my pic with are Jon Bernthal (Shane from 'The Walking Dead'), Adam West (TV's Batman!!), Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck from the newer 'Battlestar Galactica'), and John Noble/Jasika Nicole (from 'Fringe').
And I'll be getting a pic with the legend Stan Lee. If you are not a Comic Book fan you would still know Stan Lee, maybe not by name but by what he has created. He is perhaps the most famous Comic Book Writer and Creator and his most famous creation was 'Spider-man'. He's a man who will be turning 90 this year!! Yet his personality and stamina is that of a 30 year old. Really an incredible person who I am looking forward to meeting.
April 27-29 in Calgary at the BMO Centre. Other Celebrity Guests include Robert Englund,  Adam Baldwin, James Marsters, Hayden Panettiere, Dave Prowse, and Amanda Tapping, and Richard Hatch from 'Battlestar Galactica'.
Also some very great comic book creators and animators will be there including: Peter David. His 12 year run on 'The Incredible Hulk' is the best run in comics in my opinion. Comic Artist's George Perez and Tony Moore will be there too! Very excited to meet these men!
But there are more celebrities and creators and vendors to check out at the con. Check out their new website: for all the details!

Looking forward to the Calgary Comic Book & Entertainment Expo 2012!

Meeting Kate Vernon and Michael Hogan from 'Battlestar Galactica' at the 2011 Calgary Expo

My wife Crystal and I meeting 'Elvira' at the 2011 Calgary Expo

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