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Captains Log: Friday 4/27/12 Calgary

Hey there friend thanks for checking out the blog. Thanks to social media outlets Facebook and Twitter I was able to document my recent trip to the Calgary Comic And Entertainment Expo 2012. It was quite the quest filled with misadventure, good times and a few bad. Among my many activities that weekend it included the fact I got drunk with 'The Honky Tonk Man', I got to meet Stan Lee and most of the cast of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation', and I had a talk with comic book writing icon Peter David. 

The following is a log of each days activities with pictures included, with more blogs and pics later in the week. Enjoy and please leave a comment!

Captains Log: Friday 4/27/12 Calgary:

* Leaving for the Calgary Comic Expo in the am.

* At Gasoline Alley at Humpty's having lunch. There are more 'uber' nerds here too probably on their way to Calgary. There is a 'World of Warcraft' discussion underway at the table beside us.
Now their arguing why their not 'geeks'. I'm a geek and they are way geekier than me!

At the hotel in Calgary. Soon will make the Trek to the Con!

in line to get our picture taken with Dr Crusher!

may be getting in line for Wil Wheaton... Their photo-ops are very f#+_)#g disorganized!!! Chris smash now!!!
- (Aunt) Lori Flood: did you take your own camera, you could be making some extra cash be a photo man there
Chris Lockhart They would probably throw me in the brig. Geek Mafia is in control
-Chris Lockhart Had to wait in line for the actual line up for Wil Wheaton! Have to wait till tomorrow to meet Stan Lee...

Gonna be doing a Blog experiment this weekend. I'll be updating my Facebook with reports from the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, then reposting them next week on my blogs. Please feel free to leave comments and they too will be posted on the blogs! Have a geek weekend!
Chris Lockhart I like experiments. I'm like Doc Brown from 'Back To The Future'

Just seen Wil Wheaton. He took a sharpie pen and corrected the sign for his photo-op line up. They had him spelled 'Will' and he crossed out the extra L. Classy! Seems like a nice dude!

Wil Wheaton walked past again and the crowd cheered! Moving too fast and couldn't get a pic... Will have to wait for the actual pic with him.
Gennie Hibert-Williams tell him kaitlyn says be nice to sheldon

Marina Sirtis (Troi) just walked past us in line and asked why we're in line for Wil Wheaton. Lol
Brianna Lockhart Rydvall I used to have a crush on Wesley Crusher

Finally got our pic taken with Wil Wheaton. Very nice guy!
-Gennie Hibert-Williams cant wait to see

Day 1 at the Calgary Con. Having a rye and coke and waiting for our pizza to arrive. Got our pics taken with Dr Crusher (Gates McFadden) and Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton). Tried to get our pic with Stan Lee but I guess it will be tomorrow. Met an old school WWF wrestler in the lobby, feel bad cause I don't remember him. Also got Richard Hatch's autograph (from both BattlestarGalactica series)

Gonna check out the lounge later while celeb searching. Met an artist inb the elevator...not sure who he was but the others in the elevator knew he was a celeb.

Having a Big Rock Dark (beer) at the hotel lounge while Bailey swims at the pool. Win win. Also saw Larry Hama, who writes 'GI Joe' comics!

Next year I hope some of my friends and family will join me on this Geek Weekend Adventure. I'll start a facebook event soon with all the details. This is a fun experience. Even if your not a super geek like me you'd probably still have fun.
Brianna Lockhart Rydvall sounds like fun

the 'Honky Tonk Man' just sat down beside me at the bar!!!!
-Chris Lockhart Just getting up the nerve to ask him to take a picture with me...
-Chris Lockhart He's busy talking with a friend, don't want to interrupt him. Just waiting for an opportunity... More liquid courage!
Chris Lockhart Shook his hand. I think he may be fighting with his wife. He just asked me about 'Old Stock' beer.
Chris Lockhart I'm realizing sitting next to the Honky Tonk Man that I actually think I'm bigger and more muscular than he is... No doubt he could still kick my ass but I'm thinking I might have a fighting chance...what the hell am I thinking? It's the beers texting right now...
Chris Lockhart But seriously I'm bigger built than the Honky Tonk Man. His old lady was super drunk, kinda reminded me of my mother-in-law (she who shall not be named). Call her Mrs Voldemort.
Chris Lockhart Talking wrestling with the Honky Tonk Man!!!
Chris Lockhart Talking hockey with Honky Tonk. Then his wife had a weird conversation with me about growing up in rural Alberta and her being Cinderella. She actually grew up near Barrhead
Chris Lockhart Honky Tonk offered me some Calamari
Chris Lockhart Got my pic taken with him. Hopefully it uploaded...

Chris Lockhart Talking hockey with Honky Tonk Man
Chris Lockhart Last call with The Honky Tonk Man!
Chris Lockhart Talking wrestling life, his Canadian Wife and life withb the Honky Tonk Man. And I am drunk...

Chris Lockhart Well that's a wrap for my night out. Got to hang out with The Honky Tonk Man and talk wrestling, hockey, Billy Dee Williams and drunk Canadian women! It's now almost 2am and I am drunk. Bedtime then back to the con for 10am. Definitely gonna be checking out The Honky Tonk Man's table!!
Brianna Lockhart Rydvall sounds like u had a blast
Chris Lockhart I did. It was very cool to meet and have a conversation with him and his wife and another fan. But I'm going to be paying the price today because I only got 4 hours sleep. But at least I'm not hung over! But these day's I'm a light weight when it comes to drinking. But my bar tab (with buying a round of beers) only came to 54 bucks! Very affordable!

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