Thursday, April 5, 2012

Beer Goggles: April 2012

As part of my 'Random Nerdness' Blog I have included a monthly update I am calling 'Beer Goggles' where I will share a brief outline on what I am drinking, reading, viewing and listening to for the month.

Beer: I just purchased some 'IPA' India Pale Ale from Calgary's 'Big Rock Brewing Company'. I also have some Rickards Red's that I am finishing. Although not a beer I have been enjoying 'Orangina' sparkling orange beverage. 

Comics & Books: My favourite comic book right now is 'Batman' written by Scott Snyder. His 'Court Of Owls' storyline is reaching new heights and is just getting better each and every month. I'm also enjoying Fantastic Four, FF and The Ultimates, all written by Jonathan Hickman. 

I bought several 'Star Trek: Titan' books at the Edmonton toy show last Sunday and I am very excited to read the further adventures of Captain Riker and the USS Titan. 

I'm also still reading 'The Great American Cereal Book'. Awesome history about breakfast cereals that Canadian consumers share with our American neighbours. 

Last month I bought and continue to read the 'Compendium' of the comic book series 'The Walking Dead'. In March I finished the first trade and I was blown away by what I read and saw. I loved it so much I went out and ordered the first Compendium of this comic series, and I will buy the second one when it is released. Robert Kirkman is perhaps one of the greatest comic book writers in history!

Viewing: I am watching season 2 of 'Game Of Thrones' on HBO and season 5 of 'Mad Men' on AMC. But I recently bought season 1 of  'Game Of Thrones' on Blue-Ray which I will be re-watching. I also bought the newest DC Universe animated movie 'Justice League: Doom', which I intend to watch shortly. Look for a future review on 'The Cola Dog' blog. 

'Commander' Shelby assisting me in this hard photo shoot. 

Listening: Having a long drive to work every workday I tend to do a lot of listening. 'The Atomic Geeks', 'Nerd Lunch' and 'Classic Film Jerks' are all great podcasts I love to listen to. Some other great podcasts I listen to are: 'iFanboy', 'Comic Geek Speak' and 'I Sell Comics'. I've also downloaded some great audiobooks I hope to crack open this month: 'Bradbury 13', radio-like drama's about some of Ray Bradbury's classic sci-fi tales. Also 'World War Z: An Oral History Of The Zombie War'.
Well that is all for April's 'Beer Goggles'.

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