Sunday, April 8, 2012

This & That: Remembering 'Wheels'

Being a Canadian kid I grew up watching the following shows: 'Kids Of Degrassi Street', 'Degrassi Junior High' and 'Degrassi High'. These shows were must see TV for many Canadian youth, and I was fortunate enough to have parents that allowed me to watch the series as it dealt with many serious topics such as abortion, sex, aids, drugs, etc. But some parents didn't allow that show to be shown in their homes. Anyway one of the main characters of that series was 'Wheels'. Wheels had a troubled life. His parents were killed by a drunk driver, then he himself had issues with alcohol and drugs and he alienated his Grandparents who were raising him. By the end of the series he had become an alcoholic and he himself became a drunk driver who killed. 

Sadly real life mirrored his fictitious life for the actor who played Wheels. Guess the Cops found his body 5 years ago but didn't realize until just recently that he had been a teen Canadian celebrity. He had alienated his family so badly with his real life problems with booze and drugs (like the character Wheels) that they haven't talked with him for years and they themselves didn't know he had died 5 years ago. But one article I read said they did know he had died but didn't go public with it. Real sad. The actors name was Neil Hope. 
Wheels, Joey and Snake. All part of the 'Zit Remedy'

May he find the peace in death he didn't find in life. 

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