Sunday, April 14, 2013

This Weeks League Assignment

This week’s challenge for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers

What piece of pop culture did you HATE as a kid?
This should generate some interesting debates!
For me, I never understood why people watched and liked the TV series 'South Park'. It made it's Internet debut and TV series launch when I was a teenager and most of my friends watched it and enjoyed it. But for me I hated every second I have ever watched. The animation is amateurish at best. At least with TV series like 'The Simpson's' and 'Family Guy' the animation improved with time and the quality was excellent, but South Park still looks like a lame Internet cartoon. 
The story lines usually involve something somewhat current that is not that funny, and then repeating the joke over and over again. The one episode I watched at a friends house involved 'reality star' Paris Hilton continually coughing up a white substance through out the episode, which was obviously a lame joke at her swallowing sperm. Again very lame and immature. I honestly think a seven year old could be writing these episodes.
Sorry folks if you are a 'South Park' fan. I just don't understand the hype, especially considering it has been on the air for almost 20 years. It's a mystery to me. If you want some adult funny animation check out  Seth McFarlane's 'American Dad', now that is one show that makes me laugh consistently
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