Thursday, March 28, 2013

This Weeks League Assignment

This week’s challenge for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers comes from the great white North, and the Canadian Cave of Cool. Cal wanted to know yourfavourite childhood movie, but I thought it would be fun to open up the topic slightly…
When I was a kid, my favourite _______ was _______.
Well that is simple. Anyone who knows me knows I was the biggest 'Masters Of The Universe' fans there was, and my favourite toy was MOTU action figures and play-sets. I am currently 're-building' mu old collection because as a foolish young man I sold most of my collection to feed my Comic Book buying habits I developed in my pre-teens & teens. So now I lurk around garage sales and Comic cons in a quest to rebuild my classic MOTU collection by buying others used toys. I try not to spend too much, I average about $5.00 a figure. I actually managed to buy a classic 'Castle Greyskull' from a con for $20!!
But rather than ramble on allow me to provide photographic evidence about my MOTU passion:



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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Disneyland 2013!! Part IV: Cars & The Disney California Adventure

                                    Disneyland 2013!! Part IV: Cars & The Disney California Adventure

Pics courtesy of my brother-in-law Dave and Sister-in-law April.

Cars Land landscape

Grandma Joan Oliver
Crystal and Aunt Kelly

The Ferris Wheel

Great Grandma Joan and the Great Grandkids
Grandma Joan and Aunt Kelly

The Family

Disneyland 2013!! Part III: Notes and pics

Disneyland 2013!! Part III: Notes and pics 

Some more pics and notes from our trip to Disneyland. Photo's are courtesy of my Brother-in-law Dave and sister-in-law April. 

The kids got to check out the cockpit on our flight from Edmonton to Vancouver

The kids and our pilots on the trip from Edmonton to Vancouver. 

On the trip home we got delayed when leaving Anahiem because a woman threw up just as we were about to take off, food poisoning was suspected. So we had to go back to the terminal and we got delayed 1 hour there and we missed our flight in Vancouver back to Edmonton. So we had to spend 3 extra hours in Van. We didn't fly out of LAX, we flew out of John Wayne airport, which was very nice and I am told it is a lot less hassle than LAX. 

(L to R) Brother-in-law Dave Oliver, Sister-in-law April, Nephew Conner, Kayde, Goofy, Grandma Oliver, Shelby and nephew Braden

Chris, April and Crystal

Honestly you need at least 7 days for Disneyland and California Adventure. We missed so much. Definitely pre-plan what rides you want to go on because the line ups may be crazy. We had 'Fast Pass' tickets which definitely helped, but even with a Fast Pass it can still be a wait. To get a ticket for the 'Cars' ride I stood in line for over an hour just to get a fast pass ticket to it. 

Chris, Crystal and Shelby
Cousin's Conner, Bailey, Braden, Shelby and Kayde
Tow-Mater in the California Adventure parade

I found I had a little more fun at the Disney California Adventure Park, Disneyland was still great but I found the Adventure park wider and more interesting. If you are thinking about going I definitely recommend getting a hopper pass for both parks, which will allow you to go back and forth between the two parks, it is well worth it! 

At the California Adventure Park I recommend Cars Land and the main Cars ride. It was a blast. Then I recommend the 'Boardwalk' area. The giant ferris wheel was awesome and the roller coaster 'Screamin' probably was THE BEST ride I went on and I regret not going on it again.

Kayde, Tigger & Shelby
We stayed at 'Howard Johnson' which is literally across the road from Disney

In Disneyland I recommend the Indiana Jones Adventure, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Star Tours. If you are taking little girls I recommend the 'Princess' make over experience. We have some great pics I'll be putting up eventually. Kayde and Shelby had a blast.

Braden and Shelby
Kayde & Shelby outside Minnie Mouse's house

The Map of Disneyland. So much to see!!!

Disney California Adventure Map. My favourite park for sure!

More pics and posts to come!! Thanks for checking out the blog and reading about my families incredible holiday!!

Disneyland 2013!! Part II

Disneyland 2013!! Part II (It's a Small Tinkerbell & World)

Here is some more pics and comments based on our family trip to sunny Disneyland, March 17-22 2013:

Tinkerbell on a float. 

'It's a Small World' train. A classic Disney attraction

One of the sights seen from the Small World train. A lot of cool mini-settings along the ride. 

felt like a giant on this train ride...

More pics and discussion to come!

Disneyland 2013!!

Disneyland Trip 2013!

Hey there blog reader (and potential podcast listener) this is Chris Lockhart writing what you are reading. You may have noticed I have not blogged in a while, one of the reasons for that was my family and I have just returned from a trip to Disneyland. For the next few blog posts I'll be uploading some photos and sharing our experience. It was a great vacation and I highly recommend everyone at least once in your life experience Disney. Whether or not if you have children, the child inside you will come out and play in Disney.

Chris & Mickey at Mickey's house

(Commander) Shelby


Our trip this week to California was amazing. Went there with my folks and sis back in 94, and we spent a day in Disneyland. But there is so much more there now, you definitely need a minimum 5 days. The Disney California Adventure Park is a lot better than Disneyland in my opinion. And it is literally right across from Disneyland. We had the 'park hopper' tickets that allowed us to go back and forth between the parks. Really hope to go back again, sooner rather than later. 



Sunday, March 10, 2013

Random Nerdness Episode 14 (AND UPDATE)

UPDATE: New episode of 'Random Nerdness' will be going up later today!! Our 'He-Man- episode will finally tickle some ears. Better late than never! Be on the lookout for a couple more 'Captains Table' episodes & Episode 15. Then starting with Episode 16 we will be doing a quicker streamlined formula for the show. With this new formula I am hoping it will help us to get the show out weekly. So stay tuned for that. We're still going to be doing the same things we've always done, it's just going to be shorter better episodes more frequently. 

EPISODE 14: Chrisloc1701 is joined in studio with Sound Engineer Sebastian Rydvall, Sister Brianna Rydvall and Mr Tyler Kluin. We discuss all things He-Man: Cartoons, the movie, the toys, She-Ra and Dolph Lundgren. 

The Random Nerdness Podcast is a proud member of 'The Atomic Geeks Podcast Network'. 

Also be sure to check out Chris on the 'Geek Fallout' podcast, also part of TAG Network!