Thursday, April 5, 2012

Blog #23: Edmonton Collectible Toy And Comic Show 2012

Last Sunday, despite the monster snow fall and poor road conditions, my Wife, youngest daughter Shelby and I made the trek into Edmonton to attend the 2012 Edmonton Collectible Toy And Comic Show. This is a fun little convention which is held at the Shaw Conference Centre. This year they included 'Photo-ops' at the convention, where a photographer will take a picture of you and the celebrity of your choice and develop the picture on site, something they have done at the Calgary Expo but a new option at the Edmonton show. This year the celebrity guests included John DeLancie, better known as 'Q' from Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Julie Benz best known to me as being 'Rita' from the TV series 'Dexter'. I had the opportunity to get my photo taken with 'Q' which was very cool. He was extremely nice and shook my hand. 

I could have had a photo taken with Julie Benz but I chose to get her autograph instead because I just didn't have the time to wait for a second photo to be developed. Julie Benz was extremely nice and even talked with my daughter who was waiting in line with me. I did manage to ask her a few questions of my own. I asked her if she would be making a return appearance on 'Dexter', perhaps in a flash back sequence and she said No, she will not be on 'Dexter' again. *** SPOILER WARNING *** I also told her how devastated I was when her character 'Rita' was so brutally killed off on 'Dexter', so much so that I couldn't sleep that night after seeing that episode. She thought that was sweet and she admitted that she herself couldn't sleep after watching that episode. Another celebrity my daughter in particular was excited to meet was R2-D2. We got our picture taken with him. 

This was also my first opportunity to start rebuilding my classic 'He-Man' toy collection. I managed to secure many figures:

I also bought myself a complete set of the 1991 Star Trek/ Star Trek: TNG trading card set. I also bought several of the 'Star Trek: Titan' book series. And finally I got my own replica 11th Doctor 'Sonic Screwdriver', as seen used by The Doctor on season 5 and 6 of the 'Doctor Who' television series. It wasn't cheap but the hours of enjoyment I have got out of playing with it makes it worth every penny. I am a huge fan of the Matt Smith 'Doctor Who', and I intend to discuss that series in a future blog post. 

The Edmonton Toy Show was an excellent time, and apparently there is supposed to be some big announcement coming in the next few weeks from the organizers of the event. 

It was really awesome having photo-ops!!! But to improve the show it would be awesome if this were a 2 day event, maybe later in the year too like June-ish. So us people driving in from out of Edmonton don't have to brave the roads in April snow storms. The drive in last Sunday was not pleasent, and not much chance of a snow storm like that in june. All in all it was a great event!

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