Thursday, March 29, 2012

This & That: Save These Shows!!

Fringe (Fridays on FOX, CityTV in Canada)
I am a huge fan of the TV series 'Fringe', which is currently in it's 4th season. A 5th season is still up in the air, and the Producers have said if they are not renewed they will do season 5 in comic book form. I'm sorry but a comic book season 5 will not do for me. This is a great series and if it takes a 5th season to complete the story I'm hoping the FOX Executives wake up and allow them to finish their show properly. This is a series which has had it's ups and downs and lately this series has really hit it's stride and it would be a damn shame if it were not able to finish it's run on Television. 

Alcatraz (Mondays on FOX)
This series just finished it's First season last Monday. I'll admit that this series is a little bit hard to follow at times, much like the TV series 'Lost', but it definitely has great potential and the first season ended in a cliffhanger with the shocking death of a very important character, or is that character really dead?? Again this is a show with potential and it would be a shame if it were not to be completed. Too many questions have yet to be answered. If this series is not renewed by FOX is it possible for someone else to pick it up, like FX for example? 

Both series are Executive Produced by JJ. Abrams. Both are great series and both need to be renewed for new seasons. Period.

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