Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blog #21: Podcasts I listen to

'The Atomic Geeks' and 'Nerd Lunch' are at the top of my list of podcasts that I listen to. They are both great podcasts because they both  feature a group of friends who share same interests, discuss topics, and laugh at each other and themselves. What makes them both great is they are actually funny guys and their chemistry from their friendships translates over the airwaves. No one member of TAG or NL is trying to out do the others.

 But I do have a long commute and these are the 'other' pod casts I listen to. My podcast list on my iPod is currently as follows:

- Breaking Bad Insider Podcast (Also while watching an episode last Summer I seen they advertised a podcast with this show so I checked out iTunes and sure enough I found the 'Breaking Bad Insiders Podcast' which is a podcast featuring actual people from the show. Several episodes I listened to included Bryan Cranston himself and series creator Vince Gilligan. To listen to them talk about all the work they put into making that weeks episode was awesome. Well worth a listen!!)

- Comic Geek Speak Podcast (A must listen for me. Again these are a group of funny guys who loove to read comics and debate many comic book related issues)

- Hollywood Babble-on (Another must listen for me every week. Kevin Smith and Ralph Garmen are hillarious)

- iFanboy: Don't Miss (depends on the creator they are interviewing)

iFanboy Comic Book Podcast (Another must listen Comic Book podcast every week)

- Jay & Silent Bob Get Old (I don't listen all the time but I do like to catch up and listen when possible. I only like to listen when Kevin Smith is there, sometimes it's just Jason Mewes and a guest co-host when Kevin is away and those I tend to skip)

- Masters Of The Universe Chronicles (I am a fan of He-Man and sometimes listen to this show. )

- Nerd Lunch (My #1 podcast must listen. Great job so far CT & crew!!)

- SciFi Surplus (I like the news these guys provide on geek stuff, but they are almost at times too Nerdy to listen to. They will make really terrible jokes that are not funny and laugh at themselves too much... but still great info)

- Smodcast (Kevin Smiths original podcast. I don't listen every week, but it is one of those shows you can pick up anytime.)

- Starbase 66 ( A great Star Trek & Sci-Fi discussion show. They don't put out shows on a weekly basis but when they do put out an episode it is well worth the listen)

- The ABC's of SNL (the Kevin Smith interviews Jon Lovitz podcast. Only a few episodes so far but very hillarious stuff)

- The Atomic Geeks (Also my #1 podcast and must listen every week!!)

- The Nerdist (hillarious podcast I listen to depending on the guest star)

- Word Balloon The Comic Book Creators Interview Show ( I listen depending on who is being interviewed.)

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