Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This & That: Road To The 'Nerd Lunch' Podcast

It was about a year and a half ago when I first discovered The Atomic Geeks Podcast, and at first listen I was hooked. This group of fun loving Canadian guys sounded a lot like myself and my friends when we have geeky discussions. It was while listening to their podcasts I was first introduced to CT, from the 'Nerd Lunch' blog. CT from time to time would guest appear on The Atomic Geeks (TAG) Podcast, and I really liked his appearances. CT fit right in with the other members of TAG, and last fall CT announced that he would be starting his own podcast called The Nerd Lunch (TNL) Podcast, and that it would be a part of the TAG Network. Immediately I was excited, and I know from his TAG appearances that he is a dedicated Star Trek fan like myself. TNL was a success right from the start as far as I was concerned and they had a fan/listener in me. The format of TNL is they have a different Nerd/Geek topic they cover every week with fellow bloggers Jeeg and Pax joining CT on the podcast. But they left a '4th chair' open for others to make guest appearances on the show. I had chatted previouslyon the TAG forum at www.theatomicgeeks.com with CT on several occasions, and after episode #6 of TNL I wrote CT an E-Mail asking if I could sit in the 4th chair for a future Star Trek episode. CT agreed to have me on board for a future Trek episode, we set up and had a Skype 'Test Call' in mid-January where CT and I had a conversation about geeky stuff for about 45 minutes. We were having such a good conversation I almost didn't want to end the call, but all was set and I would be making my podcasting debut in March.

As I continue this post it is Tuesday March 6th, and a few hours ago I finished recording my first appearance on the Nerd Lunch podcast. I'll admit I was a little nervous but the entire episode went well I think. CT, Jeeg and Pax were all great to talk with and were very kind to me during the recording. I was very nervous because I am not only a listener of the Nerd Lunch podcast but I am a fan of it, so being able to sit and chat with these guys was especially thrilling for me. It is episode 28 of the Nerd Lunch podcast and the concept for this particular episode is essentially some 'What If' scenarios regarding Star Trek. It breaks down as follows:

1. A Star Trek without Shatner. Jeffrey Hunter is not replaced when they make the second Star Trek pilot and Pike remains Captain instead of Kirk.

2. Star Trek: Phase II happens. In the mid/late 70s, a new Trek television series almost came to fruition called Star Trek: Phase II. This was to have most of the original cast except Spock and three new characters, Decker, Ilia, and Xon. Due to the failure of the new Paramount network, the show fell through and became Star Trek: The Motion Picture instead. However, in our scenario, the deal did not fall through and the show launched... what would have happened?

3. At the end of the third season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Picard is assimilated by the Borg and Riker gives orders to fire a super weapon on the Borg ship. For months we had to wait to see what the resolution would be and it was made more tense because there were rumors that Patrick Stewart might be leaving the show. In this scenario, we discuss what would have happened if he had left the show.

4. Similarly, in the episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, "Second Chances," the crew meets a transporter duplicate of Riker who is a bit testier and surly. An original idea was floated around that the show would kill off Will Riker and the duplicate, Tom Riker, would take his place on the show. What would have happened to Trek had they made that decision.

Also the Lightning Round:
- Didn't resurrect Spock in Star Trek III
- Michelle Forbes agrees to join the cast of DS9 (This was my lightning round scenario)
- Genevieve Bujold does not walk off the set of the filming of the Star Trek: Voyager pilot "The Caretaker" and remains as 'Captain Janeway'? (Everyone contributed to this scenario)
- Denise Crosby does not leave the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation?

All in all it was a great experience, my first attempt at podcasting. Hopefully I didn't sound too much like a fool. Can't believe I forgot 'Julie Benz' in my 'Nerd-To-Do' list... again I was a little nervous. But if you are reading this post I urge you to please give this episode a listen. It is episode #28 of the 'Nerd Lunch' podcast and is available for free downloading off of iTunes. If you liked the episode be sure to check out their other episodes as they are all great to listen to. Also it would be much appreciated by the Nerd Lunch crew if you could leave them a positive iTunes review. iTunes reviews help them out on iTunes so please leave a review. Also check out the following websites:

The Nerd Lunch Blog: http://nerdlunch.blogspot.com/
The Cavalcade Of Awesome Blog: http://blog.paxholley.net/

I would like to personally thank CT, Jeeg and Pax for including me in on episode 28 of the Nerd Lunch podcast, I really appreciate that. I had a blast and it was great exposure for me and my blogs. Thanks guys, I appreciate everything and keep up the great work you have been doing on the podcast!

Take care and see you next time!

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