Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weight Loss: It's Time!

Recently on Facebook someone posted pictures of me at a family event. It occurred to me as I looked at the pictures: I really need to lose weight. Weight has always been an issue for me ever since I was 12 and half years old. But recently I know I have put on weight and I am probably the heaviest I have ever been. I had been losing weight and putting in a lot of time at the Barrhead walking track, but it's been months since I have had a chance to walk there. Probably the fact that this year alone thus far I have worked 452 overtime hours at work, doesn't help my walking cause. But it is not just the fact I work a lot on my days 'off' its also that I have not been eating as healthy as I should. I've decided to take some steps to gradually lose weight, no quick fix diets for me. It's about eating healthier and being more active. I just downloaded 'How To lose Weight The Healthy Way' from netdoctor, and their suggestions seem reasonable to me. They break it down as follows: Energy needs and weight loss, Introduce changes gradually, Increase your activity levels, Reduce your calorie intake, Write down your plan, Be patient and persevere, and Healthy benefits of weight loss.

With my families history of heart disease, cancer, strokes and diabetes: it's time to grow up and take my health seriously. I want to be around to see my Grand kids and Great-Grand kids.

And since I am a blogger I'll be reporting my progress as I go along. Hopefully you'll be seeing 'less' of me in the future.

Me and my wonderful nephew Damien Rydvall

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