Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sunday Night On The 'Tube'

Sunday Nights seem to be a great time for new cable TV series. Here's a few to talk about:

- 'Breaking Bad' is back and just as great as they enter their 5th and final season. Apparently season 5 will be split in 2 8 episode segments with the last half of season 5 airing next summer. I kinda hate when shows split seasons, why not just call them season 5 and 6 instead of season 5 and 5.5. anyway 2 episodes in and so far it is still a great show. Hopefully Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul win Emmy's again for their performances because it is well deserved.

- I am still watching 'True Blood', why exactly I don't know. This show has such great potential but it never reaches it in my opinion. Hoping one day HBO will just give Eric Northman his own TV series spin-off.

- 'Hell On Wheels' starts again with season 2 August 12th on AMC. Looking forward to this show returning. TNG & DS9 veteran Colm Meaney has a major role on this series. He's kinda the bad guy. Still it is a great series, love TV westerns when they are done right.

Bryan Cranston as 'Walter White' from AMC's 'Breaking Bad'

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