Monday, July 23, 2012

For The Record: Smoking

Recently I posted a Tweet which was automatically shared to Facebook that went something like this:

"Trying to sit outside A+W and have a nice lunch with Shelby. Then some inconsiderate smoker decides to blow our way. She's not even eating!"

Then a Facebook 'friend' took offence to my tweet and basically accused me of attacking smokers and smokers rights. Just thought I would write the following to clarify some things. My tweet was just me being ticked off at a person who was blowing cigarette smoke in the direction of my daughter and I. I have no issues with smokers and my tweet was not intended to be 'Non-Smokers versus Smokers'. I just consider it rude when someone blows cigarette smoke at others, especially when they are eating. If you want to smoke that's fine and all, but please be mindful of others around you whether they are smokers or not. My daughter and I had just as much right to eat outside as anyone else. And to be technical I believe that smokers are required to be 5 meters away from a public entrance when smoking, which this lady who blew the smoke in our direction was clearly not. 

Again I have nothing against smokers. If you choose to smoke that is your right, and being a non-smoker I appreciate the sacrifices smokers have had to make in the last few years in regards to where they can smoke, etc. Anywho that's all I got. Peace & Love, Peace & Love!

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