Friday, July 6, 2012

The Amazing Spiderman? Worth seeing?

Has anyone seen this new flick? I am debating whether it's worth my time to go see. Mike from the 'I Sell Comics' podcast is a guru of comic knowledge and he did not give it a positive review. I trust him if he ways he doesn't like it it probably ain't that good. I may be going to the city on Tuesday to watch this film, because I need to pick up my comic books from my store anyway. Mike also mentioned that the 'bonus' scene in mid-credits made no sense. Very sceptical about this film the more I think of it.

Without having seen this film here is a list of my pro's and con's going in:

- Casting seems solid. Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Denis Leary seem to be perfect fits for their roles.
- Special Effects look great. The Lizard looks very cool.
- Great to see 'Spiderman' back on the big screen after 5 years. Yes it has been 5 years!!!

- Despite 'Spiderman 3' being less than stellar I enjoyed Sam Raimi's take on the wallcrawler. Had he stayed with the series I'm sure he would have taken us to some very cool places. I had hopes that by film 6 we would see 'The Sinister Six'  take on Spiderman, but now with this reboot we are starting from scratch.
- With the first 3 Raimi films we saw Doc Ock, Green Goblin, Venom, Sandman... will we see new versions of these characters in future 'Amazing' sequels or will they be lost. Alfred Molina was superb as Doc Ock, it's gonna suck to see that role recast.  
- Tobey Maguire was excellent as Peter Parker. Wish we could have seen him grow with the role.
- Despite 'Spiderman 3' being less than stellar do we really need a reboot so soon? We've already seen the origin of Spiderman, his origin was told 10 years ago. Do we really need to go there again?
- The Lizard is the big bad for this film? As far as Spiderman rogues go he is not one I really cared to ever see on the big screen. I would rather have seen The Scorpion, Mysterio or the Rhino in this film.

Well what do you think? 

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