Monday, July 9, 2012

Poutine Quest Part III: Bacon & Onion

Today I had a poutine at Ramzi's Restaurant, unlike any other poutine I have eaten before. This one had your regular ingredients  such as fries, gravy and cheese. But added to the mix were real bacon and sautéed fried onions. WOW this was the best poutine I have had so far in my travels. They actually have a number of other poutine varieties which I will be sampling in the not too distant future. They are a little expensive but well worth it at $8.95. Ramzi's is a local chain with a restaurant in Barrhead, and another in nearby Westlock.

 My Wife Crystal too is enjoying the same poutine, while our daughter Shelby eats a banana split.

I also bought some 'Coors Light' iced t. It's alright, Crystal liked it but I don't think I'll buy them again. The bottle is awesome, but it is too expensive. Give me a real beer anytime.

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Anonymous said...

The Coors Light Iced Tea also has a very unfortunate acronym. Maybe an oversight in the marketing department (or perhaps not XD.)