Thursday, July 5, 2012

On The Menu #5: Local Fast Food

I live in the town of Barrhead, in the province of Alberta located in the great nation called Canada. Barrhead is a smaller community, about 4432 people call it home. We have some fast food establishments such as KFC (formerly Kentucky Fried Chicken), A&W, Subway. We have a few smaller fast food chains such as Burger Baron and Ramzi's. I'll break down these places and give you my 2 cents on them as I have ate at everyone of these places many times.
KFC: I do love the KFC chicken burgers, nuggets, poutines and chicken bowls. But the chicken itself is very very greasy, it is very expensive and I have had issues in the past with the service at this particular KFC. I'll grab a sandwich from time to time from them, or a poutine/bowl but other than that I avoid KFC. I have a family of 5 and it is almost impossible to afford to feed them all there without spending less than $50 bucks. The pricing is outrageous as far as I'm concerned. And as I said i have had issues with the service there. On one occasion in particular they over charged me and when I pointed it out to them they really made me feel like crap for having pointed it out to them. They have drive thru but most times the speaker doesn't work so you have to order from the window.

A&W: I love me a Teen Burger more than any other burger. A&W does have good food, prices aren't that bad and the service there is very good. Probably the place I frequent the most. They have drive thru too.

Subway: Eat fresh indeed. I love eating there. It can get pricey especially when buying for the family but sometimes its worth the expense. Service is good and so too is the menu.
Burger Baron: They have great food, I especially loved their grilled club house. They also have a great selection of ice cream both hard and soft. They make DQ style 'Flurries' which are awesome. They even have had contests to create your own 'Flurry'. The service is great, the owners are very nice people and it is a great place to visit when in Barrhead. This is a family run business.
Ramzi's: They are another great establishment that makes great burgers and pizza. They also have a great menu of ice cream. Another bonus is that they have drive-thru and the owners are very nice people. This too is a family run business.  
Well if your passing through Barrhead I hope this has helped you out in deciding where your gonna eat. TTYL!

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