Monday, July 23, 2012

The Comic Book Pile: Summer 2012

As you no doubt know I am a huge comic book fan. I order most of my comics on line from a company out of Quebec called 'Comic Pull'. I also have a 'pull list' at the 'Comic King' comic book store in West Edmonton Mall. I read a lot of comics in a month so I've decided to do a quarterly update segment where I tell you what I feel is the best of what I read. some titles will not change from month to month because my favourite titles are pretty solid, but I'll try and include something different. If your thinking about picking up some comic books to try I hope this segment will help. in my opinion this truly is a great time to be reading comics.  
Top 10 Comic Books (In my opinion)
1- Batman (DC). Best written and drawn book out there!!
2- Invincible (Image). Created and written by Robert Kirkman (creator of 'The Walking Dead' comic and TV show)
3- Daredevil (Marvel). Written by the great Mark Waid. This book is a lot of fun.
4- Fantastic Four (Marvel Comics). Jonathan Hickman is a great writer and this is a fun thinking man's comic book.
5- Earth Two (DC) Still a new title but this is a great read by James Robinson (Starman)
6- FF (Marvel) This is the sister book to the Fantastic Four and is written by Hickman. Fun book.
7- Saga (Image) Written by Brian K. Vaughan this is a cool sci-fi comic book. Romeo & Juliet-ish it is.
8- Justice League (DC) Written by Geoff Johns, art by the legend Jim Lee. The back up 'Shazam' story is great too.
9- Aquaman (DC) Written by Geoff Johns. This really is a fun book to read and yes it is Aquaman.
10- Flash (DC) I was a fan of the Flash but with the relaunch of the 'New 52' this book got really good.
Mentions: Swamp Thing (DC), Secret (Image), Action Comics (DC), Hulk (Marvel), Batman Incorporated (DC).
Trade I'm reading: Starman Omnibus 1, paperback from DC comics. Reprinting this series from the 90's written by James Robinson (Earth Two). this is a fun book to read. the art is not the best but it suits the story I think.
See you in the fall for 'The Comic Book Pile', but see you next week for more blogging goodness!

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