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Blog #35: The Best of 'The Sopranos'

Aside from being a geek about sci-fi another TV series I am geeky for is 'The Sopranos'. It was a great series, which had it's ups and downs, but for the most part it was a great TV series and worth watching. Anyway I have come up with my favorite moments from that series.
My Top 10 Soprano's Moments Countdown

If you have not seen "The Sopranos" and you want to watch the show from the beginning do not read the following. What made "The Sopranos" a great show was there were memorable moments that rocked the show and its characters. I have selected the Top 10 Soprano's Moments in my opinion. Warning there will be SPOILERS!!!:

10- Big Pussy is put down to sleep with the fishes (Season 2):
Big Pussy was busted by the FBI for dealing heroin. They gave him a choice: 30 years to life in prison or turn rat for them and help to put Tony Soprano behind bars. He decided to help the FBI. All of season 2 we viewers watched the torment that Big Pussy endured, Tony was like his brother and they had spent all their lives together and now he was betraying him. Tony knew something wasn't right with his friend but wouldn't let himself believe what his instincts were telling him. But on the season 2 finale Tony had the proof he needed and he invites Puss to come with him and test drive a boat he wants to buy. Paulie and Silvio are on the boat too. They confront their friend and he confesses. Tony takes the lead and puts the first bullet in his friend. They wrap up Puss and dump him in the Atlantic ocean. Not a surprise but truly sad cause Puss was one of the best characters on the show.
9- Christopher gets gunned down by his "Friends" (Season 2):
Chris brings in these new guys Matt and Sean who want to be gangsters into the business. They get fed up with Chris ordering them around all the time and decide to step up themselves. Capo Richie Aprile meets with Matt and Sean and makes some negative remarks about Chris and the way he treats his niece Adriana. Matt and Sean decide to do Richie a favour (without consulting Richie) and surprise Chris outside a building and shoot him. Chris is wounded lying on the ground but manages to fire back killing Sean, Matt runs away and is eventually tracked down and killed by Tony and Sal. But the episode where Christopher is shot ends with Chris in a coma on life support and a shocked Tony sitting there saying "How could this happen, how could this happen?"

8- Livia green lights the hit on Tony (Season 1):
Livia is probably the meanest mother in history. She was mad at her son for putting her in an old folks home instead of bringing her to live with him and his family. She had the ear of her brother-in-law Junior Soprano who was being played by Tony and the other family Capo's. Livia knew this and revealed what Tony was doing against Junior knowing Junior would have to have Tony taken out. I thought my Mom could be rough at times but she never tried to have me killed....Livia was one cold hearted bitch, played to perfection by the late lovely actress Nancy Marchand.

7- Adriana La Cerva gets taken out to the woods and is put down like a dog (Season 5):
Most wives and girlfriends of mobsters stay out of the way of the men's work. But Adriana was different, she did drugs and ran a night club for her love Christopher and friend Furio. The FBI knew she was a weak link and sent an undercover agent to befriend Adriana and get enough evidence to turn her against Christopher and the rest of the the mafia. On the second episode of the 4th season the FBI bring Adriana in and give her a choice, either help them build a case against Tony Soprano or she and Christopher are going to jail. She then becomes their snitch. On the second last episode of the 5th season Adriana gets herself into even more trouble and the FBI finally have had enough and tell her to bring Christopher in and they'll take Tony to trial. She tells Christopher who is furious but then seems to be OK with it and then goes out for a pack of smokes. Adriana begins to pack their bags when she gets a call from Tony who tell her Christopher was found in a gas station washroom having tried to commit suicide. Tony sends Silvio over to pick her up and bring her to the hospital. The always gullible Adriana goes with Silvio, Silvio decides to take a short cut to the hospital and then drives out to the woods. He then stops the car in the middle of nowhere, drags Adriana out of the car. As she is crawling away on the ground Silvio pulls out his gun and we hear the kill shots off camera.

6- Tony kills his cousin Tony Blundetto out of an act of mercy by shooting him in the head with a shot gun (Season 5):
Tony B was released from prison and wanted to leave the mafia world behind, but was drawn back in when he tried to go legit. Tony B went rogue and killed/wounded 3 members of the New York family. Tony S agrees to hand over his cousin to the New York boss. But when he finds out they intend to torture him before killing him Tony S decides to kill his cousin himself. As Tony B returns to his safe house with groceries Tony S comes from around the corner and shoots his cousin in the face with a single barrel shot gun, in an act of mercy.

5- Tony kills Ralphie in an act of pure "Soprano rage" (Season 4):
Tony stole Ralphies girlfriend and Ralphie acts out. He arranges a fire at a horse stable where Ralph and Tony have a race horse together in order to get $200,000 in insurance, knowing that this would upset Tony who loves their race horse. Tony figures it out and confronts Ralphie, they get into a heated physical fight and Tony brutally kills asshole Ralphie with his own bare hands. Much to the surprise of the viewers....I did not see that coming at all!!!

4- Janice kills her love and fiance Richie Aprile in an act of "Soprano rage" (Season 2):
Richie and Janice were high school sweethearts, but they went their separate ways in life. Janice became a government scamming hippie and Richie went into the mafia and spent the last 10 years in prison. But they both ended up back in New Jersey and rekindled their love. Richie was having a bad time dealing with his new boss Tony (Janices little brother) Soprano and one night he was just in a bad mood. Janice and Richie get into their first argument over the fact the Richie's son may be gay and Richie punches Janice in the face. This was their first fight but it ended in a very memorable way, Janice after being punched and mocked by Richie leaves the room. Janice returns with a 9 mm gun and shoots Richie dead. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned....

3- Uncle Junior shoots Tony (Season 6):
To avoid going to prison the elderly Uncle Junior acted senile because you cannot put a man with dementia into prison. But what the viewers suspected and what the characters didn't fully realize was that Juniors senile "act" stopped being an act and he was losing his mind. Junior became convinced that a mobster he had killed, "Little Pussy Malanga", was after him. Tony goes to his Uncles house and begins to cook him supper. The demented Uncle Junior comes downstairs and shoots Tony in the stomach and goes upstairs tossing his gun under his bed, and hides in his bedroom closet. Tony is left bleeding on the floor and he must crawl to a phone for help. Tony manages to get to a phone, dial 911 but passes out when the operator answers, and that is how the episode ends....

2- Tony kills Christopher (Season 7):
Christopher has always had a problem with drugs, in season 4 they even had an intervention for him. But in the mafia if an associate is even suspected of being on drugs they are killed. A junkie will always make mistakes and sell out to the authorities to save themselves. Tony loved Chris as a son and hoped he would be his heir to the crime family. But Chrissy often fell off the wagon and on the last occasion of falling off the wagon Chrissy caused the vehicle he was driving in with Tony to go rolling down a steep ditch. Chrissy sat in the drivers seat wounded badly and coughing up blood, Tony had only minor injuries. Chrissy reveals to Tony that he is high and will never pass a drug test if they are found. Tony has had enough and closes Chrissy's nose and hold his mouth shut until he suffocates to death.

1- The New Jersey and New York families go to war with each other, Bobby and Silvio pay the price (Season 7):
Since season 4 a war between the New Jersey and New York crime families had been brewing. On the second last episode of the series it finally broke out. Bobby Bacala was first introduced in the second season and was an over weight bumbling idiot. But as time went on he eventually married Tony's sister Janice and became one of Tony's most trusted and loyal men. He even became the Under Boss for the family and thus became a target for the New York family. He was brutally gunned down in the day light inside a collectibles store while buying a model train set. Silvio in the very next scene was gunned down in a car outside the "Bada Bing" strip club which served as an office for the family. Bobby died and Silvio was left in a coma at series end.
As a die hard fan I freaked out and went ballistic, throwing the remote control to the ground. Crystal had to calm me down. That's just how powerful that scene was and why it is #1.
To quote the great Jerry Springer "Take care of yourself, and each other."
- Chris

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