Monday, July 9, 2012

Tax Man Being a Bully

Apparently Revenue Canada is going to be going after waiters and waitresses who do not claim their tips as income. Really big brother, is that really necessary? Most servers in the food industry make not much more than minimum wage, do you really need to dig deeper into their pockets? Servers who do get tips typically work hard for them, leave them alone. If the Government of Canada wants more tax money coming in I have a couple of suggestions:

#1: Legalize Marijuana: This is an underground industry that makes billions upon billions a year of tax free income for drug dealers. Legalize it, control it, tax it. in all honesty I believe pot to be less harmful and destroy less lives than booze, and booze is legal. People will be smoking pot from now till the end of time, accept that and make it legal and taxable. And all the money saved by law enforcement not having to focus on marijuana can be used to fight the deadly drugs like meth, E, Coke, etc. 

#2: Legalize Prostitution:  It is referred to as the world oldest profession because as long as people have had money there have been people willing to sell their bodies for it, and pay for bodies to have sex with. It will always be a part of our world so why not accept it and tax it? Get working women (and men) off the streets and into brothels. Make it legit, secure and documented. Billions of dollars are changing hands in this industry every year, and all of it tax free. Why? We can bury our heads in the sand and pretend it is not happening right now but it is, accept it and tax it. 

Big Brother/Tax Man: Stop worrying about servers tips, there are bigger fishes to fry. 

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