Sunday, December 30, 2012

Best Wishes for Peter David!!

New York Times Best Selling Author and Comic Book Writing Legend, Peter David, recently posted on his website that he has suffered a stroke while vacationing with family in Florida, further details to come as they become clarified.

I Huge fan of Peters work, from his 'Star Trek' novels to his unbeatable run on the 'Incredible Hulk'. I am currently reading his work on 'X-Factor' and I purchased some new fantasy novels from him earlier this year which I am looking forward to reading. My son and & I had a chance to meet him this past April in Calgary at the Comic Expo. He was gracious, answered all my questions I had for him and autographed the books I wanted him to. It was a great experience and he truly is my favourite writer and someone I look to for inspiration as I too dream of becoming a writer of comic books. Get well soon Peter, you truly are a wonderful human being!

Meeting Peter David this past April at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo

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