Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My dream ‘Justice League’ teams!!

I recently wrote an article on the blog about my dream ‘Avengers’ teams, from Marvel Comics. Now it’s DC’s turn with my dream 2 ‘Justice League’ teams- Justice League America & Justice League Europe. I always liked the concept of the JLE, which is why I chose them to be my other team.
JLA (Working out of the ‘Hall Of Justice’ located in Washington DC)
-         Martian Manhunter: Leader of team. He is literally there all the time, his life is devoted to the League.
-         Green Lantern (Hal Jordan):  Every team needs a GL! And Hal is best on JLA
-         Elasti (Girl): old DCU ‘Doom Patrol’ member. Her powers are a combination of Plastic Man & the Atom.
-         Guardian: Golden age hero from Metropolis. A cool combo of both Batman and Captain America for the DCU.
-         Negative Man: another old DCU ‘Doom Patrol’ member. His powers are both interesting and tragic. He could be a great member or future enemy?
-         Metamorpho: Always liked this guy. Cool morphing powers.
-         Wonder Woman: She is busy but will assist often. She brings the power.

Green Lantern (Hal)

Martian Manhunter

Wonder Woman
Negative Man

-         Superman: This guy is busy with protecting his city and secret identity. He will assist when necessary.

Justice League: Europe (Protectors of Europe and the other side of the planet. Operates out of the ‘Justice League Tower’ located in London England)
-         Steel: Leader and tech guy of team. The old DCU version would be used, not the new Grant Morrison interpretation. Friend to Superman.
-         Shazam (Captain Marvel): The magical power house of the team.
-         Robotman (Cliff Steele): Old ‘Doom Patrol’ member. He would be a tech guy but strength too.
-         Power Girl: She brings power and money to help out the team.
-         Aquaman: Still wants to assist humanity against evil, but insists on not being on ‘Superman’ or ‘Wonder Womans’ team.
-         Green Lantern (Guy Gardner): Wisecracking and funny, also serious. And this team needs a GL too!
-         Hawkgirl: this winged warrior would be the loose cannon on the team.

Shazam (Captain Marvel)

Power Girl
Green Lantern (Guy Gardner)

-         Flash: Although located out of the USA, his speed allows him to assist the JLE.


Thanks again for reading. Next time I discuss comic book super-teams it will be my take on 'Fantastic Four' & the 'X-Men'.
till next time!

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