Thursday, December 6, 2012

My 'Avengers' (Uncanny & West Coast)

With the new 'Marvel Now' Avengers teams being revealed I decided to build my own dream teams of 'Avengers'. I am designing 2 seperate teams for this franchise and I'll give my reasons.

Uncanny Avengers (New York):

- Captain America: Leader of team.
- Beast: Tech guy, back-up leader
- Machine Man: Also tech guy and robot
- Black Widow: Spy/intelligence specialist
- Thor: Alien/God and the powerhouse of the team
- Ice Man: New guy, former X-Man. Training close with Captain America and Beast. Potential side-kick for Cap?
- Captain Marvel (Ms): Also a cosmic powerhouse for team
- Falcon: Close friend to Cap.

Reserve Members for Avengers (New York):
- Spider-man
- Wolverine
- Daredevil
(Spider-man and Wolverine already get a lot of exposure outside of the Avengers and in my opinion really not needed to be on the team full-time. Just to lend a hand when needed. Daredevil is best served on the team in small doses in my opinion)

- Red Hulk: General Ross has a lot of respect for Cap and obeys his commands when given.

West Coast Avengers (LA): I also loved the concept of having a separate team on the west coast. Why have 2 teams based in New York?

- (Green) She-Hulk: Leader of this team. She is both smart and strong and well respected in the super hero community.
- Iron Man: Tech expert. Tony Stark
- Moon Knight: some what crazy but comes through when needed. Hollywood producer by day.
- Spider-Woman: Gorgeous girl with the powers of Spider-man.
- Wonder Man: Powerhouse. Also a re-established movie stunt man when not being a hero.
- Vision: Also a tech expert, android and can be a powerhouse.
- Luke Cage (Power Man): Powerhouse. Relocates to LA when his wife Jessica Jones moves her 'Alias Private Investigations' business to LA.
- Astra: Former Imperial Guard. Banished and Stranded on Earth, her powers are similar to 'Kitty Pryde'. She is recruited by Tony Stark.

Reserve Members of West Coast Avengers (LA):

- Hulk: Bruce Banner and Tony Stark work together from time to time. Also he is She-Hulks cousin.
- Scarlett Witch: She sometimes shows up to help, also because of her former relationships with Vision and Wonder Man.
- Power Woman: Jessica Jones, wife of Luke Cage sometimes assists.
- Namor: Sometimes helps out when asked.

I would love a chance to tackle these characters. I really believe the Avengers should be limited to 2 monthly titles, one team based in NYC and one in LA. But I do have faith in Rick Remender and Jonathan Hickman will do a good job with the Uncanny Avengers, Avengers and New Avengers.

Next Time I do this it will be on the Justice League. Again 2 teams: JLA & Justice League: Europe


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