Saturday, December 1, 2012

007 Skyfall Mini-Review (With SPOILERS!!)

Be warned there is SPOILERS involved in this mini-review. If you have seen the film or don't care about being spoiled on key plot points keep on reading. If you don't want to be spoiled wait, watch the film then come back and read this blog post. 

The newest Daniel Craig/James Bond film has finally landed in my home town of Barrhead and I went to see it. I must say it was a great film, definitely the best thus far from Craig. It literally has everything needed to make a great Bond film: action, special effects, cool cars, hot women, awesome villain and great story. Judi Dench was great as 'M', I really like the new 'Q', Craig is back and better than ever.  Javier Bardem make for an excellent bad guy. 

I would give 'Skyfall' a rating of 4.5 out of 5

Pro's & Cons of 'Skyfall':

- Love the addition of Ralph Fiennes as the new 'M'. Great casting choice!!!

- Love how they seem to be going back to the roots of Bond. The old leather/book shelf office for 'M' and Ms Moneypenny returning, and as it turns out has field agent experience...very awesome. 

- Good to see 'Q' back, and to see a younger more serious/smart 'Q' is very cool. An older/goofy 'Q' just wouldn't work for the Craig Bond. 

- Great send off for Dame Judi Dench. And I must say for a 77 year old woman she was looking very beautiful and is in my mind this films 'Bond Girl'. Well deserved. 

Javier Bardem plays the big bad of the movie. His hatred for Judi Dench's 'M' is understandable. But having a villain be a former agent and inside source is the back story of the villain for the first 3 Tom Cruise 'Mission Impossible' films, maybe the 4th too but I haven't seen that film. Also is was the back story for 'Goldeneye'. I wish Bardem had played a different person not a former agent. Also he was barely seen in the film. The first hour he wasn't seen once. He definitely had a Heath Ledger/Joker vibe going but since he was introduced about 60 minutes into it we really don't cling onto his character as a villain. Also he dies at the end, this would have been a perfect film to build up his character as a big villain for Bond in future movies...but sadly that will not happen now. 

- Also speaking of bad guys, the first 2 Craig films featured a new shadow organization called 'Quantum', which seemed as if they were going to be what 'SPECTRE' was for the Sean Connery Bond. I was hoping they would return since it seemed to me that the first 2 Craig films were building up to a big showdown with Quantum...then nothing. Why couldn't Javier Bardem have been a part of 'Quantum'? He could have been a 'Blofeld' or 'Dr No' type of character for the 21st century...

Over all it was a great film. Hope to see 'Quantum' in the next film...

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Dan O. said...

Not my favorite Bond film of all-time, but still one of the better ones in recent time. I definitely look forward to seeing where they go with this franchise now. Good review.