Thursday, December 13, 2012

RN Captains Table 2 & Geek Fallout Ep 6

Random Nerdness Podcast: Captains Table 2: Interview with Larry Nemecek

In this episode of the Random Nerdness podcast: Chrisloc1701 interviews Larry Nemecek, the renowned 'Star Trek Authority'. They discuss Larry's book 'Star Trek The Next Generation Companion' (one of Chris's best Christmas gifts ever!!) , the upcoming 'Con Of Wrath' documentary, his website and other projects. They have some discussion on what they would like to see in a new Star Trek TV series, Trek Conventions and TNG on Blue-Ray.

Geek Fallout Episode 6:

In this weeks episode of Geek Fallout its a two way tango.
Headlines this week include:
-Ps3 the most popular Netflix device
-Lucas confirms he is not doing much for episode 7
-Star Trek Into Darkness poster released
-Man Of Steel poster released
plus many more headline much more inclueding our Star Wars news and rumours update, Comics/Superhero Movie News and more! Plus we top it all off with our 5 favourite non video 
Welcome to the wasteland

Both podcasts are proud members of the Atomic Geeks Podcast Network!!

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