Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year!! 2013 is here!!

Hey there, this is your old pal Chris finally getting back to the blog. It has been a while. December was a crazy month as always with the holidays, the podcast schedules, etc. But I’m here with a few updates to share:
·       Random Nerdness Podcast Schedule:
I’m hoping  Episode 11 will be released the week of January 8th. My Sound Engineer/Brother-in-law Seb took the family back home to Sweden for the Christmas holidays. They will be back next week and I’m sure he’ll have Ep 11 prepped for release shortly after. Ep 11 and 12 were recorded previously. We are slated to record Ep 13 & 14 the weekend of Jan 12 with a trivia challenge and He-Man episode!! I am very excited to get back to recording the RN podcast. I hope you all enjoyed the Ep 10 Christmas Special. Big thanks to the guys at the Atomic Geeks Podcast and Geek Fallout Podcast for submitting segments for the episode. It was awesome and sounded great! Thanks again!

·       Geek Fallout Podcast:
The GF crew and I are slated to start recording again tomorrow night!! Very excited to get chatting with those guys again!!

·       League of Extraordinary Bloggers:
I will be blogging again under the Leagues banner soon. I was again very busy so it has been a while. But I’m looking forward to future League Assignments!!

·       Peter David:
One of my favorite comic book writers and novelists Peter David suffered a stroke over the Christmas holidays. I met Peter last year at the Calgary Con and he was an awesome guy to chat with. Check out his blog at for updates on his status. Also help support him by buying is books and comics. He truly is an amazing writer and I wish him a speedy recovery.

And that is all for now. Talk with you later!

-         Chris

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