Saturday, January 19, 2013

League Assignment: Cowboys

This week’s assignment from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers, if you’re man (or woman) enough to accept it:

Well this weeks discussion is on Cowboys. I'm not the biggest western watcher. I've always been more of a sci-fi guy. My Grandpa Leonard LaBerge was a huge fan of the western. He loved western movies, TV shows and books. He had a huge collection of Louis L'Amour books and was always reading one. In the past I've never been much for westerns or cowboys, but as I've gotten older I've grown to appreciate this genre of storytelling. Heres a few things I've checking out that are cowboy/western themed that I have enjoyed:

- Probably my favourite western movies are the 'Young Guns' movies. Especially the second one, 'Young Guns II' is definitely my favourite western. 
- The newest 'True Grit' film starring Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon was absolutely awesome. I actually went to the theatre to watch this movie. 
- I also remember going to the theatre to watch 'Unforgiven', my first western seen in a theatre. The older I get the more I have come to appreciate Clint Eastwood. He truly is a great actor and Director. 
- Although not technically a western, I do consider 'Legends Of The Fall' to be a cowboy movie. Filmed in my home province of Alberta it starred Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins and one of my favourite Native Canadian actors: Gordon Tootoosis. 
- Back To The Future III: I loved this movie when it came out and I still love it. Definitely my favourite BTTF sequel. 

- Again filmed in Alberta: AMC's 'Hell On Wheels' is an incredible series to watch. The most recent season was amazing and shocking. This is one series I look forward to watching every time it returns to TV. 
- 'A Fistful Of Datas': One of the funniest 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' episodes ever made. I want to see Brent Spiner do more westerns!
- 'A Town Called Mercy': A great episode of 'Doctor Who'. 
- 'Firefly': The Joss Whedon created series starring Nathan Fillion. Imagine 'Star Wars' meets western. Excellent series, cancelled too soon. 

And that is about all I have. I am looking forward to checking out some more Clint Eastwood and John Wayne films. Also I've been told that 'Deadwood' was a great HBO series and it is on my 'To Watch' list. 

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