Sunday, January 27, 2013

This week’s assignment from the League Of Extraordinary Bloggers: “Spacemen:

For this weeks league assignment I am going to give 5 reasons why my favourite character that works in space is awesome, and he has been featured in TV, Film, comic books, novels, etc. And that spaceman: Captain James Tiberius Kirk!! And after discussing Captain Kirk I will make 5 honourable mentions for cool 'spacemen'. 

Captain James Tiberius Kirk (At A Glance):

1: Captain of the best ship in Starfleet: The USS Enterprise is legendary and really there is no other ship that compares (looking at you Voyager!). In the original series he was at least 33 years old when he got command, maybe even younger. In the JJ Abrams rebooted timeline he was even younger. And why not, he truly is a born leader and a natural when commanding a ship. And he commands the greatest ship of them all!! 

2: Ladies man: He has a way with the ladies, whether they be human or alien. He even got Joan Collins in her prime!! What teenage boy (or adult man) did not want to be Captain Kirk with his track record with the ladies. Who hasn't had a fantasy about an Orion slave girl? Kirk has lived such fantasy! 

3: Rule do not apply: The Kobayashi Maru scenario is said to be the no win scenario, but Kirk won it in both timelines! How? Because he changed the rules! Some would call him a cheat, a rule breaker, etc. I call him freakin awesome!!

It's not a weapon Kirk! Back in your pants!
4: Not just an awesome traveler in space but time as well: He has saved history and Earth several times by using time travel. He's help save the world from the Nazi's, saved the whales, argued with 80's punkers, and even traveled to the future in his final appearance sacrificed himself and saved a planet of people he never met. Truly a great time traveling hero. 

5: Kicks some serious ass: This dude can fight. He fought the Gorn on Cestus 3, fought a genetically engineered Khan and won! This guy does not always want to fight but will and kick ass when he does. 

5 Honorable Spacemen Mentions:

1: Han Solo: Coolest character from the Star Wars franchise! And he got Princess Leia! (I'll bet he gets her to wear the gold bikini in bed....whoohoo!)

2: He-Man: Coolest cartoon character ever! He qualifies as a spaceman because he does have some cool futuristic vehicles and uses portals to travel to different planets. When I say He-Man I am referring to the original MOTU series and 2002 series. Not the He-Man from the lame He-Man New Adventures series. 

3: Captain Jean Luc Picard: Also an awesome Captain of the Federation starship Enterprise. 

4: Superman: He is a hero that can go into space and battle in space. Plus he's from the planet Krypton.


5: Starbuck: Whether it be the Dirk Benedict character from the 70's Battlestar Galactica or the super sexy Katee Sackhoff character from the 2000's BSG reboot, Starbuck is a character that every guy wants to hang out with. Guys want to be Dirk Benedict, and guys want to be with Katee Sackhoff. Excellent kick ass character. 

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Traveling Pics said...

My favorite space man and captain is Captain Jean Luc Picard. I watched Star Trek New Generation when I was in school :D :D
He is also the coolest Prof. Xavier :D