Monday, January 7, 2013

NHL & NHLPA agree to terms and season back on…so what???

NHL strike is over and now they have a 'new' deal. Truthfully I could not care less at this point! How did the NHL support staff workers fit into this deal? The people that keep the rinks running did they get a raise? I'll always complain when it comes to greed destroying the heart of the NHL. It’s crazy when you think about the billions paid to professional athletes (not just hockey players) could feed every hungry child on this planet.

And again what about the rink and concession workers, cleaning staff, anyone who assists in keeping the NHL arenas running? Are they being compensated by the NHL & NHLPA for money they lost during the strike? Those greedy players and owners settling their greedy differences does not make this former NHL watcher feel better. From now on I'll be watching more junior hockey and leagues like the WHL where there is still a love for the game, and less about the dollar signs $$$$.
I’m not saying NHL players should be paid peanuts, they should make a salary that gives them a comfortable middle class life style. A life style shared by 99% of their fans. People getting paid to play a GAME are getting paid more than soldiers and law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line to defend and protect us makes absolutely no sense to me.
We as fans and as a society in general need to stop supporting this. We really need to get our priorities straight and stop rewarding people for playing a game. Eliminate the greed and start helping those who need the money.
Alright that’s enough of my NHL rant.
Live Long And Prosper.

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