Wednesday, February 29, 2012

On The Menu #1: Turkey McNuggets

As a feature to this blog I'll have a segment called 'On The Menu' where I will discuss food and drink choices. 

This time I am talking about Turkey McNuggets. First off I was wondering recently does anyone remember 'Turkey McNuggets' from McDonalds in 1997?? I remember them but could not find any evidence of their existence on the Internet? Was I living in a parallel universe for 2 months in 1997?? Thankfully I sent this message out on Facebook and some of my Facebook friends confirmed that Turkey McNuggets did in fact exist back then. Seriously I remember eating those between Oct-Dec 1997 as a Christmas promotion McDonalds was doing, and they even had cranberry dipping sauce as a option. But thank God someone on Facebook remembers, for a moment I thought maybe I had crossed over to another universe, one where Turkey McNuggets exist, 'Fringe' style.  

But now that I know I am not going insane I'm making a personal appeal to the McDonalds Corporation. They should bring back the Turkey McNuggets, not just as a Christmas promotion but all year long. Being a fan of Turkey I'm sure that it would have to sell better than other things on their menu and they were excellent and would sell well I'm sure. 

Also if anyone from McDonalds is in fact reading this also bring back the McPizza!

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