Monday, February 6, 2012

Blog #17: Family Matters Part III

 I am continuing with my stroll down memory lane with my family. Here's a tale of intrigue, suspense and good ol' family fun. Enjoy:
Drunk For The First Time
Back in 1994 my cousin Danielle's grad party was being held at her parents place, which worked out for me cause I was only 14 and not old enough to go to the party. But I could have a sleep over at Lenny's house and if we should happen to walk outside into a party in progress they couldn't kick us out. It was Lenny's house after all what could the organisers do? Lenny and I went to the grad dance and Uncle Ron picked us up around 11 pm. We were the envy of all the other junior high kids who weren't old enough to go to the grad party. When we got to Lenny's place Uncle Ron told us:
"Now you boys behave yourselves" but he said it with a grin on his face. Lenny and I looked at each other and knew what he REALLY meant: If your gonna misbehave don't get caught!
So Lenny and I went to the party. One thing you have to remember is that I had never ever been drunk before at that point in my life, and neither had Lenny. But that night changed all that, we went from being teenage junior high boys to being drunk teenage junior high boys. Almost every senior high kid there thought it was cool that we were there and began to feed us thirsty boys with alcoholic beverages. Later on at one point I was staggering around and Aunt Rita came up to me and wanted to know what was in my cup.
"Pepsheee" I replied.
"I think there's more than pepsi in there" she replied.
As the night wore on I got drunk, more drunk and stupidly more drunk. I got so drunk I forgot what my Uncle Ron looked like cause at one point he came up to me and said:
"Chris you've had too much to drink. Time for you to go to bed!"
I think I might have told him to f-off. Uncle picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and began to carry me to bed, keep in mind I was about 210 pounds and 6 foot 0, he's got super strength!!!
"Put me down you c@&%sucker!," I began " Or I'll get my Uncle Ron to kick your ass!"
I was literally out of my mind. I think Uncle said I began to giggle and laugh as he carried me and I was saying "Holy shit he's carrying me!"
I fell asleep and at some point I puked all over Lenny's prized "A-Team" sheets, ruining them and they had to be thrown away, sorry Lenny.
The next day the nightmare began. Mom came to pick me up and heard all the stories of my drunken doings by everyone who saw me. Mom laughed about it until we got into the car. I sat in the back seat, Mom looked into the rear view mirror and said: " You are so dead", and she said it with all seriousness. We got home, she told Dad all the stories and he just shook his head in disgust and went outside to mow the lawn. My head was pounding but Mom told me the Tylenol was off limits! Throughout the day at random times Mom would grab me by my ears and shake my head. To top it all off I was grounded for 2 weeks.
I'll always remember Danielle's grad as the night I first got drunk, but most of all I'll remember the pain I suffered the next day!
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