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Picard and TNG are BETTER than Janeway and Voyager

Recently on an episode of the podcast 'Nerd Hurdles' they did an episode where they discussed Star Trek: Voyager. I am fairly new to this podcast but from my understanding is that they are a married couple who do this podcast and this year they watched the complete run of 'Voyager' for the first time, and they made some pretty bold statements that I, a die hard Trek fan, did not agree with in any way. So it inspired me to write this:

- Voyager is better than TNG?:
No freaking way is Voyager even in the same league as TNG, let alone better than it. One of the problems with TNG, and I think a lot of people who did not watch TNG and the following series from the beginning don't realize this, is that TNG really was a pioneer series and very much a product of its time. In 1987 no one did a show like this, and back then it cost a lot of money to produce all aspects of that series especially when it came to special effects. TNG had very few computer generated special effects because it was still very early on for that technology to be utilized on a TV budget. So TNG relied heavily on model driven sequences which were very expensive and time consuming to produce. This is why Picard and crew were involved in very few big epic battles, and most of their conflicts were solved with diplomacy rather than weapons and battles. Digital special effects involving computer generated ships and space scenes really became more common and cost effective during the course of Voyagers run which is why they got to use them more for their stories. And I would argue it is much easier for writers to write a big battle sequence than a cool way of resolving conflict that does not involve a battle at all. TNG was very much a product of the time in which it was made, but the producers and writers did the best job they could with what they had available to them at the time. Voyager simply abused what they had and relied too heavily on gimmick storytelling than good solid storytelling. Case in point the Borg: a race created in TNG yet not used very much. Sometimes less is more and that is why 'Best Of Both Worlds' is probably the best Trek cliffhanger ever made. Voyager on the other hand over used that race, so much so they had a Borg be a part of their crew, wearing a skin tight silver body suit in a lame attempt to attract horny new viewers.

- Janeway is a better Captain than Picard?

Say WHAT? At first I thought this was a bad joke, but the Nerd Hurdles crew really believed this. Their argument was that Janeway was much more caring and more involved in the well being of her crew. That may be true, but allow me to break down why there was such a difference in that way between the two Captains:

- Janeway only commanded a crew of 150, not including all the ones who died, and since they were cut off from Starfleet they would not be getting any replacements. Picard commanded a crew of 1014, and they were constantly swapping out crew members on a regular basis as is the nature of living on a starship. Voyager never swapped out crew members because they were cut off from them. And with them being so far away from home and being a small crew stuck together for so long of course Janeway would be more involved with them and closer to them. With Picard commanding a crew of 1014, that is constantly rotating, potentially there would be tens of thousands of people passing through as ship crew members. There is no way Picard could get personal with them in the same way.

- Janeways mission for the entire run of the series was simply to get Voyager home. Picard commands the flagship of the Federation. He is constantly involved in special missions, diplomacy, scientific research, etc. Picard is a very busy guy, involved in a lot of big things, unlike Janeway, so he really does not have time to become intimate with his crew.

- Picard is a dedicated member of Starfleet, one of their finest Captains and one of the most decorated. He obviously passed up promotions to remain on the bridge, as Captain Kirk suggested to him. Janeway on the other hand couldn't wait to get that promotion and get away from being a Captain as she proved by being an 'Admiral' in the film Star Trek: Nemesis.

Is Janeway a better Captain then Picard? I don't think so.

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Sunday Night TV & Podcast News!

New TV Season brings us some new TV on Sunday Night:- Boardwalk Empire: has begun their 3rd season. 2 episodes in and so far it has been good. Nucky Thompson has become the gangster he needs to be in order to maintain the lifestyle he is accustomed to.

- Dexter begins a new season this Sunday. I almost dropped this series after season 5 because that season was terrible. Last season they brought me back with Colin Hanks and Edward James Olmos as the bad guys. Not sure what they have planned for this season but I will be checking it out again.

- Family Guy & American Dad return. like both those shows, very funny. But I do not like the Cleveland Show.

- Hell On Wheels: Second Season is on. I like this western show, but I am behind on my episodes. I've only seen the first episode of this season so far. Show quality seems intact. Love Colm Meaney on this series!

- 666 Park Avenue: Looking forward to any series starring Terry O'Quinn (Locke from 'Lost'). He is great, especially if playing a bad guy as is my understanding going into this show. Plus I do love me some horror! But this show is on ABC, not sure how much they will actually show...

That is all for now about Sunday Night TV.

The Random Nerdness Podcast

As you may have heard I am developing a 'Random Nerdness Podcast', hopefully coming to an iTunes store near you! We have so far recorded a couple pilot episodes which have gone well. But we will be officially recording our actual Episode 1 this Monday night, with it going up hopefully a week later. More updates as I have them. To contact us be sure to check out our Facebook page 'Random Nerdness Blog & Podcast', and drop us an e-mail at:

Talk at you soon!

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Star Trek: Stargazer

This weeks assignment from The League Of Extraordinary Bloggers: Young guns
In the spirit of Young Indiana Jones, Young Frankenstein, or Young Einstein, come up with a “Young ___” prequel or series.
Star Trek: Stargazer (The Adventures of a young Commander/Captain Picard)
My idea would be a TV series about a young Captain Picard as he commands the USS Stargazer. I've always been interested in this idea as there have been several references to his time on the Stargazer during the run of TNG. I know Picard served on the Stargazer for 22 years and that he took command of the ship after his Captain was killed during a battle. I would like to see the young Picard and his friendship with the doomed Jack Crusher, and the sexual tension between the young Picard and the young lovely Dr Beverly Crusher. I know the Stargazer had a run in with Cardassians during the Federation/Cardassian War and of course the final fateful battle with the then mysterious Feringi. maybe the first season could focus on Picard as the First Officer, and maybe in the season 1 finale he takes command. 'Star Trek: Stargazer' would make a great TV series and as the new Trek movie has proven recasting old characters and showing them in their prime can and does work when done right. They could even have Patrick Stewart guest star. And it should be produced by JJ Abrams and his 'Bad Robot' productions.
They could also have this series take place in the alternate time line created in the 2009 'Star Trek' film. Then there would be no rules or restrictions. The young Captain Picard could hook up with a young Beverly Crusher, the young Picard could do things the other regular Picard would never do. Different time line, different circumstances leading to 'Captain Picard' would mean possible a radically different Picard. You could even have much younger characters from TNG on the 'Stargazer' because this is an alternate time line. 18 year old Ensign William Riker could be there. Dr Pulaski, Lieutenant Janeway, and Kerzon Dax. You could even have Karl Urban as an aged Admiral McCoy make an appearence, similar to the one DeForest Kelley made in the TNG pilot 'Encounter At Farpoint'. I'm sure if JJ Abrams asked Urban to do an appearance he would be willing to do it, and it would solidify this series as taking place in the new time line. You could also have the Stargazer travel to Terrok Nor (DS9) as it was under command of the Cardassians, in orbit of Bajor during the occupation, and you could bring back a younger Gul Dukat for that. Heck you could even have Mr Mott, the barber from TNG, be the barber on the Stargazer.
The possibilities are endless and awesome!!
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This week’s assignment from the League: How to destroy the Death Star

This blog is a proud member of 'The League Of Extraordinary Bloggers'.

Write a step-by-step guide on how to do something. This could be a real world project or a fantastical one, so do with it as you will.

Challenge Accepted. Being a 'Star Trek' fan I have decided to take a Trek spin on this weeks challenge. There are talks about there being a new Star Trek series in the works so I've decided to do a step-by-step guide on what it takes to ruin Star Trek for television and film, thanks in part to watching former Trek head Executive Rick Berman at work. Now if the future Trek Head Executive is reading this consider this blog post as a 'Do-Not-Do' list. If you want to have a successful Trek television series follow none of these steps. These are the step-by-steps Rick Berman created for Trek television destruction. I'm simply pointing them out.

Step-By-Step Guide On What It Takes To Ruin Star Trek For Television & Film

1: When you have a successful Trek series doing well on TV and gaining viewers with each season create another Trek series! Exploit your viewers, they will watch anything that has 'Trek' in the title...not.

2: Bring Religion into 'Star Trek', because that's what every Trek viewer wants to see in their favourite show. Only change the names of important Religious symbols such as: The Pope = The Kai/ Cardinals = Vedicks, etc. Also God is actually an alien (actually several) who really don't care about us so be sure to point that out (The Prophets).

3: If you have a successful Trek series like 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' be sure to cancel it and replace it with a much inferior series, like 'Star Trek: Voyager'.

4: The Borg are a popular villain race in Trek, so be sure to over exploit that. Also be sure to have one of them join the crew and wear a skin tight outfit that really shows off the actresses T&A. Trekkies love their T&A and will most definitely be back for more each and every week! You can substitute female Borg T&A with female Vulcan T&A if needed for good storytelling.

5: If your stuck for a story idea just exploit the holodeck! You can have multiple episodes each and every season that simply take place in that room because its a magic room where imagination becomes reality and writers can be lazy.

6: When one Trek series ends be sure to put another one on the air within a few months because you don't want people forgetting about Star Trek.

7: Star Trek is a money making machine, it is literally a license to print money: So be sure to have the Trek brand on EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE and in GREAT NUMBERS! Have so much Trek merchandise out there that it literally turns people off of Star Trek. Always exploit the brand for every possible penny.

8: If your Trek series gets the green light for feature film treatment be sure to do a terrible job on the scripts, completely ignore things established in the series, and be sure to make them as forgettable as possible.

9: Ignore Trek fans. They really don't know Star Trek as well as someone who never watched Star Trek, like Rick Berman.

10: When Star Trek finally dies a slow death, and your final series ends after just 4 seasons, be sure to do a final episode that makes no sense and is a slap in the face to the fans of that series. And bring back aged actors from a previous series and have them play their younger selves, despite the obvious fact that they have aged a lot and don't really look the way they did 11 years earlier.

Follow NONE of these steps and you will do better than Rick Berman.

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This week’s assignment from the League: Star of the show

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers came up with this blog challenge: 'Television executives have determined that you lead an amazing life and have pegged you as the next big reality TV star. What’s the name and the premise of your show?'
And so here it is, my TV show about me:
The Chris Lockhart Story: The Unusual Adventures Of A Geek Dad/Father/Husband/Friend/Blogger/Future Podcaster? & Secret Agent
Basic Premise: The title may be a little long but I think it suits me. On a typical day I am a geek guy who loves comic books, TV and movies. I have 3 wonderful children that I adore and help raise. I am a loving and supportive husband to my wife Crystal, a good friend, a part time blogger and someone who is hoping to launch his own podcast one day, hopefully soon. But what some do not know is that I am also an Agent of a top secret government sanctioned organization that protects the world against global threats, both Earth based and alien. I am part of an elite team of secret agents that include celebrities also living double lives. Some of my teammates include Angela Lansbury, who is our Commanding Officer, William Shatner as our Second in Command, Leonard Nimoy (who is in fact Martian) is our alien expert, Lobot (as featured in 'The Empire Strikes Back') is our tech guy, Scarlett Johansson is our weapons expert and Count Von Count (who is an actual possessed muppet) is our expert in the supernatural. This reality series would chronicle my everyday life, and my 'secret agent' life with my elite team of really cool celebrities. Also as part of my secret agent life I drive a cool new Harley Davidson Motorbike, and I have been trained to use a Katana blade and I carry a top secret laser pistol with lightsabre attachment.

Secret Agent Count Von Count

Secret Agents Chris and William Shatner
Secret Agent Leonard Nimoy
Secret Agent Angela Lansbury
Secret Agent Lobot
Sound fantastic? Maybe. But my life is pretty darn fantastic and would make for great reality TV. Wanna check it out?
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Why Not Scrappy Doo?

Eyes are a little red from all those 'Scooby Snacks' (aka 'Shrooms') they were eating in that van

Why does everyone hate Scrappy Doo? I loved that dog as a kid and I still like him. As a kid we lived in an area with few channels, and the only exposure to the Scooby Doo cartoons were the 80's Hanna Barbara TV movies that aired on CBC Saturday mornings. Those Scooby films only featured Scooby, Scrappy and Shaggy. I never saw anyone else from the original 'Scooby Gang' so for me Scrappy was always an important part of that world. Yet everyone else I have talked to or listened to have a severe hate on for that little guy. I liked the fact that he was smart, stocky and small. I liked him more than Scooby Doo himself...

What got me thinking about Scrappy was listening to the most recent episode of 'The Atomic Geeks' podcast. Check out their most recent episode, Episode 176 at

But that really doesn't say much because to be honest I am not a big fan of Scooby. I was more of a Flintstones kid growing up. 12pm every weekday on Channel 12 CFRN they would air the original 'Flintstones' cartoon and it was required viewing as a kid. I was about 13 or 14 when CFRN finally decided to make their 'Noon News' which started after 'Flintstones' into a 'News Hour', and thus Flintstones got the bump. It's still a great series and I am looking forward to Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy, American Dad) relaunching this series back into the primetime cartoon world in the next year or two as rumoured.  

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Blog #39 'Back To School'

Fond Memories Of Going 'Back To School'
Growing up and at one time being of school age, the thought of going back to school was met with both excitement and later resentment. Having just joined the 'League Of Extraordinary Bloggers' this is my first topic to tackle for the league. 'Back To School' is simply the topic, so I have decided to talk about some fond memories associated with my geeky side of going back to school.
Grade 1: Way back in 1986 I was huge into 'He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe'. Every Saturday morning our local station would air episodes at 7am. So I never slept in on Saturdays like most other kids, I had to get my He-Man fix. I also had 3 He-Man lunch kits for school.
Played T-Ball after school. Was also in Ice Skating after school in Winter. I believe our group was 'The Flintstones', because I remember wearing a Fred Flintstone shirt.
First Grade Teacher: Mrs Pickard
Grade 2: I had that year a 'Transformers' lunch kit for school. Also 'Captain Power And The Soldiers Of The Future' took the place of He-Man on Saturday mornings and it was must watch viewing for me. I had almost every action figure and play set from that line. Although I had no station where I could watch it I did get some 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' stickers as part of some cereal promotion, not sure which cereal it was. Also my parents pulled myself, my sister and my cousin Lenny out of school early on special day to attend the 'He-Man & She-Ra Power Tour', a live on stage show featuring actors playing the iconic characters from that series. It was an amazing show and I still remember that special trip into the city. It was also the only time in my life when I actually ate a Fish Fillet sandwich from McDonalds.
Played T-Ball again after school. Again was also in Ice Skating after school in Winter, don't remember the theme that year.
Second Grade Teacher: Mrs Vobeyda
Grade 3: A year too late since the series was cancelled but that year I had a silver 'Captain Power' lunch box for school. This was the year I really got into watching the original Star Trek series. Every Saturday morning at 11 am on CBC I was catching up on Star Trek. Still had not seen an episode of TNG. This year for Halloween my Mom created the greatest costumes for me and my sister. I was 'Batman' and Brianna was 'Robin'. The costumes were based on the Adam West 'Batman' and were amazing, she really out did herself that year, it is still the best costume I have ever worn. That summer before going into grade 4 I remember going to see the Tim Burton 'Batman' film at the old Barrhead Drive-In. What an awesome film watching experience that was.
Played Mite softball after school with my Mom as our teams Coach.
Third Grade Teacher: Mrs Norton.
Grade 4: Finally started watching 'Star Trek: the Next Generation' as it had just started it's 3rd season, and I became a life long fan. At this point I was too cool for lunch kits so this year I started taking my lunch to school in a cloth bag. I was also too cool for Halloween costumes so that year I sat out going door to door for candies. Watched TMNT Sunday Mornings at 7am! That school year I remember going to the drive-in for the last time and watching the original 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' live action film, which I still love to this day. That summer was also my first time going to Summer camp.

Played Mite softball after school with my Mom as our teams Coach. I was also in Tae Kwon Do that year after school, every Monday and Wednesday night.
Fourth Grade Teacher: Mrs Furmstin Brennon
Grade 5: Still too cool for lunch kits and Halloween. Still watching TNG every Friday night at 7pm on Channel 13 ITV, watching TMNT on Saturdays now at 8am (I think...). Joined the Scouts that year and went to Scout Camp in Jasper in May. This was also the school year when I kissed my first girl, Shawna. My friends and I had our own 'Air Band' that year, but I cannot remember what songs we rocked out to. I think 'California Girls' by the Beach Boys. This was the year that my Comic Book collecting really took off. I went back to Summer Camp and had a great time.  Went to see the TMNT 2 live action film at the Roxy Theatre in Barrhead.
Played Softball with Mom as our Coach again.
Fifth Grade Teacher: Mr Lee
Grade 6: Still watching TNG and TMNT cartoon
Played Softball with Mom as our Coach again. We did very well that year, we won the league and if I remember correctly I had the most home runs in our final tournament. I remember that year in school going to 'Outdoor Ed' camp for 1 week. It rained almost the whole time we were there, it was cold and all us kids were soaked but we made the most of it and had a great time there. My parents came out to visit on the Wednesday and they brought me some comic books to read which I really appreciated.
Sixth Grade Teacher: Mrs Dievert
Grade 7: Puberty hit me like a ton of bricks. I hit the 6 foot tall mark, gained 60 pounds over the summer before school. The summer between grades 6 and 7 involved a lot of sleeping, eating and tripping over my feet. I attended my first Star Trek convention that year in October and met Marina Sirtis (TNG's Troi) for the first time. I also attended my second Trek Convention in March where I met Nana Visitor (DS9's Kira). Still watching TNG and DS9 kicked off their First Season in January. Also checked out the 'Babylon 5' TV movie, which really sucked.
Again played Softball with my Mom again as our Coach. Tried the Basketball team but I quit after one practise because all that running sucked!
Seventh Grade Home Room Teacher: Mr Luciuk

Grade 8: TNG ended, DS9 continued to grow and 'Babylon 5' launched into it's own TV series which I actually liked. Also 'Seaquest: DSV' launched and I too liked that show. 'The X-Files' launched too and I became a instant fan.  March I attended another Trek Convention where I met Michael Dorn (TNG's Worf) for the first time. My family and I took a trip into the USA for the first time, driving to Vegas then to LA. We went to Disneyland and Universal Studios, and then we took a bus tour into Tijuana Mexico.
Again played Softball with my Mom again as our Coach.
Eighth Grade Home Room Teacher: Ms Matheson
Grade 9: Attended my last Trek exclusive convention where I got the chance to meet the great James Doohan (TOS's Scotty).
Again played Softball with my Mom again as our Coach.
Ninth Grade Home Room Teacher: Ms Philips
And that is about it for me, going into High School the 'Back To School' craze pretty much died. But looking back on those days I wished I had taken school more seriously and tried to enjoy myself more. When your a kid growing up your in such a rush to grow up you don't stop to realize just how good and easy things really can be as a kid. This year my Step-son is in Grade 7, my Step-daughter is in Grade 5 and our youngest is in Grade 1. all the kids are in school full time, hope they enjoy their time in school because they too will grow up too fast.
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Marvel VS DC: Tournament of Death!!

I originally wrote this on my Facebook 'Random Nerdness' blog a few years back. Thought I would reproduce it here. Enjoy:

Random Nerdness #8: Marvel VS. DC... Who Wins?? 
by C.Lockhart 

February 14th, 2010 

Happy Valentines Day To You All!!! 

I worked hard on this one. It required a lot of my nerd knowledge and brain power. Here it is, my masterpiece of total comic book nerdness: 

*** Marvel Comics Versus DC Comics: Who would win?? *** 

In 1996 they did a comic special called 'Marvel VS DC' in which the creative talent of those comic companies created matches between their characters like 'Hulk VS Superman', 'Spider-man VS Super-boy', 'Captain America VS Batman' and so on. Then they had the fans vote on the matches to determine who should win and they went with that. I hated that. They should have had characters drawn from random and have them battle and the winner determined through logic and skill, not fan votes. So with my vast nerd knowledge of Marvel and DC comics I selected 15 characters from each company and randomly drew characters from each company and had them face off against each other. I picked the winner by using logic and reasoning: What powers do each hero or villain have and what weaknesses do each have, and that is how I was able to determine the winner from the random matches. 

I am a nerd who is playing the role of God in this scenario. This is my idea for another Marvel VS DC comic, if this fictional tournament that occurred in my brain were published as a comic book special it would go like this: One DC character and one Marvel character were picked at random, I literally picked names out of a hat. The first match takes place in an old Roman Arena. The Winner will fight against another random challenger from the other comic company at that characters home base (New york City, Metropolis, etc). 29 matches in total. The characters include both heroes and villains from each company. I will explain my reasons for choosing the winners. 

Characters In Tournament: 

Iron Man-Marvel 
Silver Surfer-Marvel 
Captain Marvel-DC 
The Hulk-Marvel 
Doctor Doom-Marvel 
Martian Manhunter-DC 
Mr. Fantastic-Marvel 
Wonder Woman-DC 
The Thing-Marvel 
Plastic Man-DC 
Ms. Marvel-Marvel 
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)-DC 
Ant Man-Marvel 
The Joker-DC 
Captain America-Marvel 
Shaggy Man-DC 


Tournament: DC Versus Marvel Comics 

Match and Setting: 
DC Character name VS Marvel Character name: Winner 

Match #1 Roman Arena 

Atom VS Thor: Atom 

Atom Can literally shrink down to an atom, he passes through Thor's eye and kills him by way of lobotomy. Atom killed Darkseid this way in an alternate time line future. 

Match #2: Los Angeles 

Atom VS Iron Man: Iron Man 

Tony Stark's technology is able to keep Atom out of Iron Man's armour to prevent him from suffering Thor's fate. He is able to kill Atom with his pulse laser. 

Match #3: Coast City 

Green Lantern VS Iron Man: Iron Man 

Iron Man's technology are able to counter act the Green Lantern's ring powers, Iron Man manages to destroy his power ring and render Hal Jordan defenceless. 

Match #4: Gotham City 

Batman VS Iron Man: Batman 

Batman is a great detective and has gadgets of his own that compare to Iron Man. Batman studies Iron Man's suits weaknesses and is able to render Iron Man defenceless. 

Match #5: New York City 

Batman VS Spider-Man: Spider-Man 

Spider-Man is proven to fight against enemies with great technology (Doc Ock, Doc Doom) so he can best Batman that way. Spider-Man also has powers and healing abilities. It will come down to an all out street fight between these 2 and spider-Man will wrap Batman up in his web. 

Match #6: Atlantis 

Aquaman VS Spider-Man: Aquaman 

Aquaman will beat Spider-Man in his home turf because Aquaman is invincible (pretty much) in the ocean. 

Match #7: Latveria 

Aquaman VS Doctor Doom: Doctor Doom 

Doc Doom is too powerful for Aquaman when the sea king is out of the sea. 

Match #8: Metropolis 

Superman VS Doctor Doom: Superman 

Superman is one of the most powerful heroes in all comics. Doc Doom too has powers but is not strong enough for supes. 

Match #9: New York City 

Superman VS Ms. Marvel: Superman 

Again Ms.Marvel is not strong enough against the man of steel. 

Match #10: Hells Kitchen (New York City) 

Superman VS Daredevil: Superman 

Again Daredevil is not strong enough to defeat Superman. 

Match #11: New York City 

Superman VS The Thing: Superman 

The Thing has great strength and can put up a great fight, but Superman has his heat vision and super speed, The Thing has no chance. 


Match #12: Asteroid M 

Superman VS Magneto: Magneto! 

Magneto is one of the most powerful mutants and can manipulate metal. They battle on Asteroid M, being in space Magneto manages to find some kryptonite- Magneto throws metal blades (containing kryptonite) through Superman's body, killing him. I may have cheated with this scenario, but Magneto is a lethal and brilliant enemy and I'm sure he would find a cunning way of defeating Superman. Kryptonite and metal: lethal. 

Match #13: JLA Watchtower 

Martian Manhunter VS Magneto: Magneto 

Again the master of magnetism uses metal blades to kill the man from Mars. Manhunters telepathic powers cannot penetrate Magnetos helmet. 

Match #14: New York City 

Plastic Man VS Magneto: Magneto 

Again Magneto brutally kills his opponent. Plastic Man has nothing against Magneto. 

Match #15: In Space, on an asteroid 

Doomsday VS Magneto: Doomsday 

Magneto puts up a good fight but Doomsday is just too powerful and his super strength and agility is enough for him to kill Magneto. 

Match #16: New York City 

Doomsday VS Ant Man: Ant Man!! 

Ant Man (Hank Pym) is a brilliant scientist who uses his ability to shrink down to the size of an ant to slip past the dummy Doomsday. Ant Man places a micro explosive by Doomsday's eye and detonates it, destroying Doomsday's brain killing him. 

Match #17: Apokolips 

Darkseid VS Ant Man: Darkseid 

In an alternative future the Atom was able to kill Darkseid, by way of getting into his brain and giving him a lobotomy. Ant Man cannot shrink that small. Plus on his home turf of Apokolips Darkseid is all powerful. 

Match #18: Washington, DC 

Darkseid VS Captain America: Darkseid 

Darkseid is just too powerful for Captain America. 

Match #19: Egypt 

Darkseid VS Apocalypse: Apocalypse 

Two great villains, all powerful battling for their lives. Being in Egypt, Apocalypse is able to best Darkseid by using his technology and knowledge of his homeland. 

Match #20: Metropolis 

Shaggy Man VS Apocalypse: Apocalypse 

Shaggy Man is super strong, but very dumb. Apocalypse has both brains and brawn. 

Match #21: Gotham 

The Joker VS Apocalypse: Apocalypse 

The Joker is evil but has no powers. Apocalypse destroys him with ease. 

Match #22: Star City? (Not sure where Captain Marvel comes from...) 

Captain Marvel VS Apocalypse: Captain Marvel 

Captain Marvels powers rivals that of Superman. Marvel grabs Apocalypse and yells out 'Shazaam' and the bolt of lightning that both gives and takes away Marvels power strikes Apocalypse, killing him instantly. 

Match #23: Space 

Captain Marvel VS Silver Surfer: Silver Surfer 

Captain Marvel could normally defeat the Silver Surfer, but they are fighting in space where Silver Surfer has advantage. 

Match #24: Apokolips 

Orion (son of Darkseid) VS Silver Surfer: Orion 

Orion is almost as powerful as his father Darkseid. Orion also possess 'New God' technology and they battle on Apokolips. Orion has the advantage over the Silver Surfer. 

Match #25: New York City 

Orion VS Mr Fantastic: Orion 

Mr Fantastic has technology, but New God technology is more advanced and Orion is more powerful. Mr Fantastic doesn't stand a chance! 


Match #26: Nevada Desert 

Orion VS The Hulk: The Hulk 

Even with his 'New God' technology and weapons and super strength, no one is stronger or resilient than the Hulk. The madder the Hulk gets the stronger Hulk gets. It would be an epic and violent battle but Hulk would win. 

Match #27: Amazon 

Wonder Woman VS The Hulk: The Hulk 

Wonder Woman is no match for the Hulk. 

Match #28: Metropolis 

The Flash VS The Hulk: The Flash!! 

The Flash cannot match the strength of the Hulk, but the Flash can move so fast he can literally travel through solid matter. The Flash would grab the Hulk and run with him through the Earth to the molten core of the planet. The Flash would let go of the Hulk, leaving him to burn to death in the molten lava. The Flash moves so fast that he passes right through the molten lava unharmed. 


Final Match #29: Canadian Rocky Mountains 

The Flash VS Wolverine: Wolverine 

Flash is fast but Wolverine has a strong sense of smell and his adamantium claws. wolverine would know Flash was approaching by way of smell, then he would simply extend his claws and place them at the right height so that when the Flash ran by (at a slower speed to combat Wolverine) he would run right into the claws, severing the Flash's head from his body. Final winner Wolverine!!! 


In this Random Matches Tournament, Marvel Comics is the winner with Wolverine as their final champion. Not to brag but this tournament would make an excellent comic book special. 

That's all for Random Nerdness this time. See you on the next exciting episode!! 

- Chris Lockhart