Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sunday Night TV & Podcast News!

New TV Season brings us some new TV on Sunday Night:- Boardwalk Empire: has begun their 3rd season. 2 episodes in and so far it has been good. Nucky Thompson has become the gangster he needs to be in order to maintain the lifestyle he is accustomed to.

- Dexter begins a new season this Sunday. I almost dropped this series after season 5 because that season was terrible. Last season they brought me back with Colin Hanks and Edward James Olmos as the bad guys. Not sure what they have planned for this season but I will be checking it out again.

- Family Guy & American Dad return. like both those shows, very funny. But I do not like the Cleveland Show.

- Hell On Wheels: Second Season is on. I like this western show, but I am behind on my episodes. I've only seen the first episode of this season so far. Show quality seems intact. Love Colm Meaney on this series!

- 666 Park Avenue: Looking forward to any series starring Terry O'Quinn (Locke from 'Lost'). He is great, especially if playing a bad guy as is my understanding going into this show. Plus I do love me some horror! But this show is on ABC, not sure how much they will actually show...

That is all for now about Sunday Night TV.

The Random Nerdness Podcast

As you may have heard I am developing a 'Random Nerdness Podcast', hopefully coming to an iTunes store near you! We have so far recorded a couple pilot episodes which have gone well. But we will be officially recording our actual Episode 1 this Monday night, with it going up hopefully a week later. More updates as I have them. To contact us be sure to check out our Facebook page 'Random Nerdness Blog & Podcast', and drop us an e-mail at:

Talk at you soon!

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