Saturday, September 1, 2012

True Blood: Season 5 Commentary (With Spoilers)

Anyone watched the 5th season of 'True Blood', which just concluded last Sunday? I am so done with this series. It sucks so bad, especially when compared to other HBO series such as 'Boardwalk Empire' and 'Game Of Thrones'. SPOILERS: I stuck with this show based on the return of Russel Edgington, a character both fascinating and had an awesome back story from season 3...only to have him killed off easily before the opening credits on the season finale... WTF???!!! Bill is now the T-1000 of vampires? I am done, done DONE!! Not even Alexander Skarsgaard can keep me interested. Attention HBO: Give Eric Northman his own spin-off series!!! Focus on his past, present and future, he is the only good thing going on with 'True Blood'. I may check out the first couple episodes from Season 6 because show-runner Alan Ball is leaving after season 5. Maybe with the right Captain at the helm this show can be made great...but unlikely...

If HBO is looking for a cool Vampire property that should be adapted for TV, adapt the Vertigo Comic Book series 'American Vampire'. Scott Snyder and Stephen Kings comic creation would be so much better as a series for HBO then the 'Sookie Stackhouse Chronicles'. 

And getting back to 'True Blood' enough already Anna Paquin: KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON!! Being an X-Men movie fan I was very excited and fascinated at the prospect of seeing this fine actress naked, but now it is over done. She is a pretty girl but is definitely not as hot as they make her out to be on the show. I never understood why the Vampires were so obsessed with this girl when there are far more attractive women in the world, but they were after her sweet 'Fairy' blood.  Am I the only one who felt the whole fairy angle to the series was beyond lame. It was stupid and ridiculous and the acting involved was beyond bad.

I guess the reason why I get worked up when it comes to this series is that it had potential. This show could have done so much more to change TV and bring the genre of Vampires/horror to a whole new level, but they sold out for cheap story telling and T&A. Very sad indeed.

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