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Marvel VS DC: Tournament of Death!!

I originally wrote this on my Facebook 'Random Nerdness' blog a few years back. Thought I would reproduce it here. Enjoy:

Random Nerdness #8: Marvel VS. DC... Who Wins?? 
by C.Lockhart 

February 14th, 2010 

Happy Valentines Day To You All!!! 

I worked hard on this one. It required a lot of my nerd knowledge and brain power. Here it is, my masterpiece of total comic book nerdness: 

*** Marvel Comics Versus DC Comics: Who would win?? *** 

In 1996 they did a comic special called 'Marvel VS DC' in which the creative talent of those comic companies created matches between their characters like 'Hulk VS Superman', 'Spider-man VS Super-boy', 'Captain America VS Batman' and so on. Then they had the fans vote on the matches to determine who should win and they went with that. I hated that. They should have had characters drawn from random and have them battle and the winner determined through logic and skill, not fan votes. So with my vast nerd knowledge of Marvel and DC comics I selected 15 characters from each company and randomly drew characters from each company and had them face off against each other. I picked the winner by using logic and reasoning: What powers do each hero or villain have and what weaknesses do each have, and that is how I was able to determine the winner from the random matches. 

I am a nerd who is playing the role of God in this scenario. This is my idea for another Marvel VS DC comic, if this fictional tournament that occurred in my brain were published as a comic book special it would go like this: One DC character and one Marvel character were picked at random, I literally picked names out of a hat. The first match takes place in an old Roman Arena. The Winner will fight against another random challenger from the other comic company at that characters home base (New york City, Metropolis, etc). 29 matches in total. The characters include both heroes and villains from each company. I will explain my reasons for choosing the winners. 

Characters In Tournament: 

Iron Man-Marvel 
Silver Surfer-Marvel 
Captain Marvel-DC 
The Hulk-Marvel 
Doctor Doom-Marvel 
Martian Manhunter-DC 
Mr. Fantastic-Marvel 
Wonder Woman-DC 
The Thing-Marvel 
Plastic Man-DC 
Ms. Marvel-Marvel 
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)-DC 
Ant Man-Marvel 
The Joker-DC 
Captain America-Marvel 
Shaggy Man-DC 


Tournament: DC Versus Marvel Comics 

Match and Setting: 
DC Character name VS Marvel Character name: Winner 

Match #1 Roman Arena 

Atom VS Thor: Atom 

Atom Can literally shrink down to an atom, he passes through Thor's eye and kills him by way of lobotomy. Atom killed Darkseid this way in an alternate time line future. 

Match #2: Los Angeles 

Atom VS Iron Man: Iron Man 

Tony Stark's technology is able to keep Atom out of Iron Man's armour to prevent him from suffering Thor's fate. He is able to kill Atom with his pulse laser. 

Match #3: Coast City 

Green Lantern VS Iron Man: Iron Man 

Iron Man's technology are able to counter act the Green Lantern's ring powers, Iron Man manages to destroy his power ring and render Hal Jordan defenceless. 

Match #4: Gotham City 

Batman VS Iron Man: Batman 

Batman is a great detective and has gadgets of his own that compare to Iron Man. Batman studies Iron Man's suits weaknesses and is able to render Iron Man defenceless. 

Match #5: New York City 

Batman VS Spider-Man: Spider-Man 

Spider-Man is proven to fight against enemies with great technology (Doc Ock, Doc Doom) so he can best Batman that way. Spider-Man also has powers and healing abilities. It will come down to an all out street fight between these 2 and spider-Man will wrap Batman up in his web. 

Match #6: Atlantis 

Aquaman VS Spider-Man: Aquaman 

Aquaman will beat Spider-Man in his home turf because Aquaman is invincible (pretty much) in the ocean. 

Match #7: Latveria 

Aquaman VS Doctor Doom: Doctor Doom 

Doc Doom is too powerful for Aquaman when the sea king is out of the sea. 

Match #8: Metropolis 

Superman VS Doctor Doom: Superman 

Superman is one of the most powerful heroes in all comics. Doc Doom too has powers but is not strong enough for supes. 

Match #9: New York City 

Superman VS Ms. Marvel: Superman 

Again Ms.Marvel is not strong enough against the man of steel. 

Match #10: Hells Kitchen (New York City) 

Superman VS Daredevil: Superman 

Again Daredevil is not strong enough to defeat Superman. 

Match #11: New York City 

Superman VS The Thing: Superman 

The Thing has great strength and can put up a great fight, but Superman has his heat vision and super speed, The Thing has no chance. 


Match #12: Asteroid M 

Superman VS Magneto: Magneto! 

Magneto is one of the most powerful mutants and can manipulate metal. They battle on Asteroid M, being in space Magneto manages to find some kryptonite- Magneto throws metal blades (containing kryptonite) through Superman's body, killing him. I may have cheated with this scenario, but Magneto is a lethal and brilliant enemy and I'm sure he would find a cunning way of defeating Superman. Kryptonite and metal: lethal. 

Match #13: JLA Watchtower 

Martian Manhunter VS Magneto: Magneto 

Again the master of magnetism uses metal blades to kill the man from Mars. Manhunters telepathic powers cannot penetrate Magnetos helmet. 

Match #14: New York City 

Plastic Man VS Magneto: Magneto 

Again Magneto brutally kills his opponent. Plastic Man has nothing against Magneto. 

Match #15: In Space, on an asteroid 

Doomsday VS Magneto: Doomsday 

Magneto puts up a good fight but Doomsday is just too powerful and his super strength and agility is enough for him to kill Magneto. 

Match #16: New York City 

Doomsday VS Ant Man: Ant Man!! 

Ant Man (Hank Pym) is a brilliant scientist who uses his ability to shrink down to the size of an ant to slip past the dummy Doomsday. Ant Man places a micro explosive by Doomsday's eye and detonates it, destroying Doomsday's brain killing him. 

Match #17: Apokolips 

Darkseid VS Ant Man: Darkseid 

In an alternative future the Atom was able to kill Darkseid, by way of getting into his brain and giving him a lobotomy. Ant Man cannot shrink that small. Plus on his home turf of Apokolips Darkseid is all powerful. 

Match #18: Washington, DC 

Darkseid VS Captain America: Darkseid 

Darkseid is just too powerful for Captain America. 

Match #19: Egypt 

Darkseid VS Apocalypse: Apocalypse 

Two great villains, all powerful battling for their lives. Being in Egypt, Apocalypse is able to best Darkseid by using his technology and knowledge of his homeland. 

Match #20: Metropolis 

Shaggy Man VS Apocalypse: Apocalypse 

Shaggy Man is super strong, but very dumb. Apocalypse has both brains and brawn. 

Match #21: Gotham 

The Joker VS Apocalypse: Apocalypse 

The Joker is evil but has no powers. Apocalypse destroys him with ease. 

Match #22: Star City? (Not sure where Captain Marvel comes from...) 

Captain Marvel VS Apocalypse: Captain Marvel 

Captain Marvels powers rivals that of Superman. Marvel grabs Apocalypse and yells out 'Shazaam' and the bolt of lightning that both gives and takes away Marvels power strikes Apocalypse, killing him instantly. 

Match #23: Space 

Captain Marvel VS Silver Surfer: Silver Surfer 

Captain Marvel could normally defeat the Silver Surfer, but they are fighting in space where Silver Surfer has advantage. 

Match #24: Apokolips 

Orion (son of Darkseid) VS Silver Surfer: Orion 

Orion is almost as powerful as his father Darkseid. Orion also possess 'New God' technology and they battle on Apokolips. Orion has the advantage over the Silver Surfer. 

Match #25: New York City 

Orion VS Mr Fantastic: Orion 

Mr Fantastic has technology, but New God technology is more advanced and Orion is more powerful. Mr Fantastic doesn't stand a chance! 


Match #26: Nevada Desert 

Orion VS The Hulk: The Hulk 

Even with his 'New God' technology and weapons and super strength, no one is stronger or resilient than the Hulk. The madder the Hulk gets the stronger Hulk gets. It would be an epic and violent battle but Hulk would win. 

Match #27: Amazon 

Wonder Woman VS The Hulk: The Hulk 

Wonder Woman is no match for the Hulk. 

Match #28: Metropolis 

The Flash VS The Hulk: The Flash!! 

The Flash cannot match the strength of the Hulk, but the Flash can move so fast he can literally travel through solid matter. The Flash would grab the Hulk and run with him through the Earth to the molten core of the planet. The Flash would let go of the Hulk, leaving him to burn to death in the molten lava. The Flash moves so fast that he passes right through the molten lava unharmed. 


Final Match #29: Canadian Rocky Mountains 

The Flash VS Wolverine: Wolverine 

Flash is fast but Wolverine has a strong sense of smell and his adamantium claws. wolverine would know Flash was approaching by way of smell, then he would simply extend his claws and place them at the right height so that when the Flash ran by (at a slower speed to combat Wolverine) he would run right into the claws, severing the Flash's head from his body. Final winner Wolverine!!! 


In this Random Matches Tournament, Marvel Comics is the winner with Wolverine as their final champion. Not to brag but this tournament would make an excellent comic book special. 

That's all for Random Nerdness this time. See you on the next exciting episode!! 

- Chris Lockhart 

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