Friday, September 14, 2012

This week’s assignment from the League: Star of the show

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers came up with this blog challenge: 'Television executives have determined that you lead an amazing life and have pegged you as the next big reality TV star. What’s the name and the premise of your show?'
And so here it is, my TV show about me:
The Chris Lockhart Story: The Unusual Adventures Of A Geek Dad/Father/Husband/Friend/Blogger/Future Podcaster? & Secret Agent
Basic Premise: The title may be a little long but I think it suits me. On a typical day I am a geek guy who loves comic books, TV and movies. I have 3 wonderful children that I adore and help raise. I am a loving and supportive husband to my wife Crystal, a good friend, a part time blogger and someone who is hoping to launch his own podcast one day, hopefully soon. But what some do not know is that I am also an Agent of a top secret government sanctioned organization that protects the world against global threats, both Earth based and alien. I am part of an elite team of secret agents that include celebrities also living double lives. Some of my teammates include Angela Lansbury, who is our Commanding Officer, William Shatner as our Second in Command, Leonard Nimoy (who is in fact Martian) is our alien expert, Lobot (as featured in 'The Empire Strikes Back') is our tech guy, Scarlett Johansson is our weapons expert and Count Von Count (who is an actual possessed muppet) is our expert in the supernatural. This reality series would chronicle my everyday life, and my 'secret agent' life with my elite team of really cool celebrities. Also as part of my secret agent life I drive a cool new Harley Davidson Motorbike, and I have been trained to use a Katana blade and I carry a top secret laser pistol with lightsabre attachment.

Secret Agent Count Von Count

Secret Agents Chris and William Shatner
Secret Agent Leonard Nimoy
Secret Agent Angela Lansbury
Secret Agent Lobot
Sound fantastic? Maybe. But my life is pretty darn fantastic and would make for great reality TV. Wanna check it out?
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Yelinna said...

My fellow aliens and me will watch this show to track this Earth's secret agent. He looks dangerous for our plans to convert humans into ice cream.