Thursday, June 20, 2013

This Week’s League Assignment:The Ultimate Arcade

This Week’s League Assignment:
 The Ultimate Arcade
This assignment was offered up by League member, Jason Gross of Rediscover the 80s. I’ve got a pocket full of quarters and I’m heading to the arcade…
You’ve decided to build an addition onto your house, a rec room that will feature your very own fantasy video arcade. What games are on your shopping list?

Well this will be a short blog entry. As a youth I always enjoyed the arcade games, especially being able to hang out in the local arcades which were awesome. Really makes me sad that the small town arcades have gone away with the dinosaurs in favour of PS3’s, X-Bones, etc. But I’ve always said if I get my man cave one day I would definitely (on a small scale) recreate the arcade/pool hall atmosphere.

First off, for my man cave I would have to have a pool table (with a purple rag), a shuffle board (I love shuffle board and that does not make me old), and a foosball table.

Now my arcade games of choice:
-         Golden Axe 1 (I spent hours playing this game. Love it)

-         Mortal Kombat (Love this game in any form)

-         1942 (table arcade style. It could also double as an end table in the cave)

-         TMNT The Arcade Game (Ninja Turtle + arcade game= Freakin Awesomeness!! Cowabunga Dude!)

-         Pac Man (Nothing beats the original)

-         Galaga (The best starfighter arcade game, hands down)

And that is all folks. One day I will have the funds and space to build my man cave…

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Margo McCann said...

The only thing to beat the original Pacman is the Ms. Pacman arcade machine, she is fabulous!