Wednesday, June 5, 2013

This Weeks League Assignment: BRING IT BACK!!

After a brief hiatus, the League of Extraordinary Bloggers is back this week with another exciting challenge. Big J over at Nerd Rage Against the Machine offered up the topic for this week’s challenge, and it’s sure to generate some interesting ideas…
Bring it back! What product or media property would you like to see revived, and how would you imagine it being different today.
Well first off I am the host of the ‘Random Nerdness’ podcast (available at or download from iTunes) and we have a segment we sometimes get to called ‘Bring That Back’, so I am no stranger to this topic. Also I am a Co-Host of the ‘Geek Fallout’ podcast (available at, Stitcher or download from iTunes) where I handle all the comic book news, and we also do a ‘Top 5’ countdown. So for this topic for the League I am going to do my Top 5 comic book Properties I would want to see back:

5- The Doom Patrol (DC Comics): This team has yet to be seen in the ‘New 52’, and this is a team that has the potential to bring something different and fresh to the New 52 we have not seen yet, if handled properly. I would love to see ‘Wildstorm’ character ‘Lady Tron’ be a member of this team. I would love to see someone like Scott Snyder or Mark Waid writing this title.

4- The Thing (Marvel Comics): My favorite member of the Fantastic Four deserves his own title again if handled properly. For example I would like to see the title renamed simply ‘Ben Grimm’ (the Thing’s real name) and have the title focus on his real life and everyday activities outside the FF, much like the current ‘Hawkeye’ series from Marvel. Again I would love to see Mark Waid on this, or Peter David.

3- Shazam (DC Comics): Or also known as the original ‘Captain Marvel’. I love this golden age character and his history fascinates me. He can currently be found in the back story of Geoff Johns ‘Justice League’ title, but I think this character deserves his own title. It’s a classic story of good versus evil, of a boy who becomes a hero. This is a great golden age character, with a few updates it could be a modern day classic. Johns current back story is great and deserves its own series.

2- West Coast Avengers (Marvel Comics): Enough titles that are variations of the same team sharing the same characters (Uncanny Avengers, Avengers, New Avengers, Avengers Assemble, and Secret Avengers). We need an ‘Avengers’ team that is separate, independent and filled with other characters that are not a part of the New York based Avengers. In the 80’s and 90’s we had another team on the west coast that had their own adventures. Have a team based out of L.A., and have someone like ‘Hawkeye’ leading this team.

1-      Spiderman 2099 (Marvel Comics): Easily one of my favorite comics from the 90’s. Writer Peter David created one of the best Spiderman titles ever made. It was a pure masterpiece of Spiderman and futuristic science fiction. Apparently Spiderman 2099 will be returning in the pages of  ‘Superior Spiderman’ this September, and it is my hope he will get his own title again. Maybe with Peter David writing it…

And that is all I have. Both the ‘Random Nerdness’ and ‘Geek Fallout’ podcasts are friends of the League, be sure to give them a listen sometime if you would be so kind. Check out these other blogs that are part of the League:


Evan said...

Lets see...
5. Voyagers this thing had loads of potential

4. Amazing Stories we really need a new sci fi/fantasy anthology series

3. Tales of the Gold Monkey see #5

2. Space 1999

1. Any of DCs fantasy books, Arion, Warlord,Camelot 3000

the Trash Man said...

I'd love to see a new Marvel Two-in-One series. Team-up books are always pretty great, but especially so when The Thing is involved. The idea that Ben is such a connected hero, friends with most of the heroic Marvel Universe, is hugely under-utilized these days.