Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Proposal (Life & Times of Chrisloc1701)

(This is another blog post, written about 3 years ago. My marriage origin story... takes place 9 years ago already!! Where does time go?)

The Proposal

My wife Crystal and I had what some would consider a speedy courtship, but when its love its love. About 2 weeks after we met I was in the process of moving to the town of Barrhead, it had been something I was planning to do before I met Crystal but the timing was perfect as she was living in Barrhead already with her 2 young children, Bailey and Kayde. At the time Crystal had an arrangement with her ex that the kids could spend every second weekend with him and she agreed to meet him halfway once a month to do the exchange. Her Mom usually accompanied her on those long trips but her mom was splitting up with her third husband and was not willing to make the trip with Crystal. That weekend was also September long weekend and I was playing in the men's slow-pitch ball tournament in Fort Assiniboine. Crystal was upset that her Mom wasn't going to go with her so I told her I would. Not only was I playing ball that weekend but it was moving weekend for me so a trip wasn't really wise but I wanted to impress my new girlfriend. The trip was a long 2 and a half hours. Kayde who was still a baby at the time cried for most of the trip. She knew she was going to her dads place and wanted to stay with Crystal, plus she was also making strange with me too. Bailey was also making strange with me. But I think it was the trip that solidified us as a couple. We talked about everything from relationship stuff to wedding stuff. We had so much in common.

By the middle of September I built up the courage to tell her "I love you", and she replied "I Love you too"
Chris & Crystal (with Shelby) Disneyland 2013

We really hit it off. We spent Christmas morning together with Mom and Grandma Yvonne watching Bailey and Kayde open their Christmas presents. It was shortly after after Christmas I went to my Mom and told her that I was going to ask Crystal to marry me. She was excited and offered to help me pick out a ring. I also contacted my cousin Brandy to assist with the ring shopping and engagement planning. Crystal had the same idea as I and kept hinting that she would really love a ring for Valentines Day, and not just any ring but a special ring, wink wink. I wanted to propose in a way that was unique and memorable. With the help of Mom and Brandy my plan went like this: on January 31st my Mom would have invited all my closest friends and family to a surprise birthday party for me, then I would be brought into my own surprise party only the surprise wasn't for me....the real surprise would be me proposing to Crystal in front of everyone. Mom and Brandy kept the secret and all my planning payed off and I got down on one knee in front of about 15 or so friends and family. My Mom came out with my *birthday cake* that said " will you marry me?" and the ring I bought was on it too...and she said "yes". Everyone was happy and excited, some of the people there even began to cry. Bailey and Kayde were a little confused, they couldn't understand if everyone was clapping and happy why would people also cry at the same time? It was a great day, my best birthday ever, and a great story to tell the kids and grand kids.

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