Sunday, May 6, 2012

This & That: Avengers (Spoiler Free Review)

Saturday I watched 'The Avengers' for the first time. This has been a movie I have been looking forward to for a long time. The trailers and TV commercials have been doing a great job hyping up this film. I even pre-bought my tickets so I was sure to get into the film, and it was probably a good ideas I did because the theatre was filling up fast. This is a spoiler free review, but I may reference moments seen in trailers or commercials. That being said here is my review:

This may just be the best super hero movie ever made. No I change that answer, THIS IS THE BEST SUPER HERO MOVIE EVER MADE (thus far). Marvel Studios has done a brilliant job building up to this movie, starting all the way back in 2008 with the first 'Iron Man' movie. Now here we are 4 years later and everything has come together beautifully. Also Marvel did the awesome move of hiring Geek Icon Joss Whedon not only to direct  the film but to write it too. And judging by the awesome dialogue and references Whedon is definitely a comic book fan who applies his knowledge and passion to the art form to this film. The interaction between the characters is awesome and what a fan of the comic book would expect. The moment (seen in some trailers) where Hulk catches a falling Iron Man was so amazing I almost cheered out loud, but I didn't. 

When I had heard Mark Ruffalo had been cast as 'Bruce Banner' I wasn't too impressed by that casting call. Not that I hate Ruffalo or anything but I just didn't see him working in that role. I was never a fan of Eric Bana (Hulk, 2003) or Edward Norton (Incredible Hulk, 2008) in the role of Banner either. In my mind the only actor who ever captured the essence of Banner was Bill Bixby from the 70's Hulk TV series. But after seeing Ruffalo in the role I was wrong not to be impressed, in fact Ruffalo had a 'Bixby' quality he brought to the role. Ruffalo was excellent in the role and was my favourite addition to the Marvel Avengers film universe. I saw Ruffalo interviewed up her in Canada on 'Innerspace' and it was nice to see he was very excited and proud to be in the role and apparently he is contracted to do 6 more Marvel films playing Banner. Very cool. Also the CGI 'Hulk' was far better looking and realistic in this film than the previous 2 Hulk films, the Hulk was awesome to watch. 

In the sequel that is sure to come I have a couple suggestions for the Marvel Executives who may be reading this review. Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) in the role of 'Hank Pym' as either Giant Man or Ant Man or Yellow Jacket, as Hank Pym has 3 super hero alter egos. Cranston is one of the best actors alive right now, as he has proven time and time again with all his Emmy wins, and he would do excellent in the role of a super hero who suffers from multiple personalities. 

And Yvonne Strahovski (Chuck) in the role of Ms Marvel. It is a role she was obviously born to play. 

Be sure to check out this film if you are a Avengers and/or comic book fan. 

***** 5 Stars out of 5

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