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Blog #29: Music I like

1- AC/DC
They are the greatest band in the world in my opinion. The first time I was exposed to their music was in grade 6. It was the end of the school year and they were having an end of the year "Air band" concert. The boys in my class banded together and Paul, who was an AC/DC fan decided on what song we would pretend to play. "Money Talks" by AC/DC. It was a controversial choice at the time because the song had the word "sex" in it and we were in grade 6, playing to younger elementary kids. Mr Lee's head was ready to explode but it was Mrs Dievert who gave us the green light to go ahead with our song. Paul was our lead singer, Clayton and Jon played guitar. I'm not sure what Tyler was doing, I think he was just doing flips and rolls to impress the kids and I played the drums. We kicked ass and won the competition and as our reward we got to pick a free item from the snack cart!! Wow, we were rock stars!!

"Back in Black", "Who made Who", " The Razors Edge" and "High Voltage" are their greatest albums. Anytime I've been to a bar or dance and one of their songs come on the dance floor becomes packed. They have great tunes that most people love to party to. They had some stinker albums and songs but no one is perfect. Anyway my goal is to one day see them live in their home nation of Australia, which might be a few years from now. Not to worry , the guys of AC/DC may be getting old but they ain't going anywhere anytime soon.


2- The Tragically Hip
My good buddy Dennis DeGroot first introduced me to the Hip in 1996. I instantly became a fan after hearing "New Orleans is Sinking" for the first time, I went out and bought all their albums. Dennis had the greatest Grad song when he graduated in 97 with "Long Time Running" by the Hip.My cousin Lenny's grad song I believe was "Ahead by a Century" by the Hip in 1999.

Dennis got us tickets to see the Hip live at Rexall place in 1996 on either November 12th or 13th, they had 2 shows and I cannot remember what show we went to. My parents allowed me to take the day off of school to attend. The Hip was amazing to see live and they put on a hell of a show.

3- Meatloaf
You couldn't grow up in our house without being a Meatloaf fan. If you hated Meatloaf in our house you were sold to the circus like my brother "Little Jimmy"... just kidding I had no little brother sold to the circus. But my Mom listened to Meatloaf so much when we were growing up you developed a love for his music. "Bat out of Hell" was the greatest album in history in my opinion. Not only is Meatloaf a great musical artist he's also a great actor. Mom and I went to Rexall Place in March 2007 to see him live in concert. Meatloaf isn't the young energetic man he was in the 70's and his Bat out of Hell songs were a lot slower now, but it was still a great show and performance.

4- Aerosmith
Aerosmith is a great band and deserves to be at #4 on my list. Who doesn't love "Walk this way", "Dream on" or "Janie's got a gun". Steven Tyler is easily one of the greatest singers in history.

5- Bon Jovi
Bon Jovi is one of those bands who rocked the 80's and have continued to endure through 2009. "You Give Love a Bad Name", "Bad Medicine" and "Livin' On A Prayer" are classics that still kick ass today. They lived the rock and roll dream: hit music, best selling albums, cool hair, cool clothes and lots of women. They also did the music for the movie "Young Guns II" which is still a great movie 19 years later, in fact if you look closely Bon Jovi himself makes a cameoappearance in the film.

6- Metallica
I have been a fan of Metallica since 1990 when their "Black" album came out with the hits "Enter Sandman" and "Sad But True" and later the Load and Reload albums were released and I was hooked. My friend Dennis got a group of us from the good ol' Fort school tickets to the "Reload tour" concert when it came to Rexall Place in Edmonton in May 1997. It was a great show, absolutely incredible. There was 2 stages set up and they were always playing on one stage which seemed odd to me. Then I witnessed something horrible and fascinating, Metallica died. Their stage exploded and collapsed and they appeared to have been killed in the worst disaster Rexall place had ever seen. The lights turned on in the arena and an ambulance was brought in and the arena workers began to search the stage rubble. I was freaking out and so was my buddy Clayton...had we really seen them die?  Then the lights turned out and the spot light focused on the other stage and Metallica began the second half of their show. It was awesome!!!

7- Michael Jackson
A few years back the world lost the King of pop, Michael Jackson. His death was a tremendous loss to the music world. Despite all the weird stories and the weird behaviour exhibited by Michael Jackson he was a hell of an entertainer. His "Thriller" album is still the top selling album of all time after 25 years. But his death had an effect on me. I grew up watching his music videos, I own the Thriller album and when in Disneyland my family and I went to his "Captain EO movie". He was an incredible singer and dancer, his music and videos changed the face of modern music forever. Watching the story of his death played out on the news and all the people from around the world mourning his loss amazes me. Despite all the allegations and body changing procedures he went through it didn't matter. He was the "King of Pop" and his life and music had a positive effect on millions around the world. Rest in peace Michael, may you find the peace in death that you didn't find in life.

8- Garth Brooks
Garth Brooks is in my opinion the Elvis Presley of country music, just forget the whole "Chris Gaines" fiasco. I love to sing to his music while driving and at the bar. "Friends in Low Places" and "The Thunder Rolls" are two of his all time classics.

9- Queen
The are classic and really are a combination of rock and opera. I'm sure if Freddy Mercury were still alive today they would still be touring and selling out arenas. When the Oilers won all 5 of their Stanley cups the song "We are the Champions" could be heard in the background. Now every sports team that wins a championship plays that classic Queen song. Remember watching "Wayne's World" and head banging to "Bohemian Rhapsody"? They are a great classic band.

10- Madonna
The Material girl is without a doubt in my mind the greatest female artist. She and Michael Jackson defined 80's music and changed it for the better. Who hasn't heard "Like a Virgin" or "Papa Don't Preach". She has always been a controversial figure and has a reputation for being a very sexual woman. She was married to Sean Penn, dated Warren Beatty and co-starred with him in the 1990 film "Dick Tracy". Her best acting role came in the movie "A League of Their Own", a 1992 comedy-drama film about the first all woman baseball league during World War II. Today she's still making music and adopting litters of orphaned African kids.

* The Rest of the Best (in no real particular order) *

11- Foo Fighters
12- Alice Cooper
13- Live
14- Elvis Presley
15- John Fogerty/CCR
16- The Rolling Stones
17- Billy Joel
18- Nazareth
19- The Beatles
20- Crash Test Dummies
21- Barenaked Ladies
22- No Doubt/Gwen Stefani
23- Nirvana
24- Nickelback
25- Trooper
26- Pixies
27- Everclear
28- Silverchair
29- Sublime
30- Blue Rodeo

#20 Crash Test Dummies I went to see with my buddy Ardy in 1999 at "Reds" in West Edmonton Mall.
It was a great show. The lead singer was drunk and was saying anything and everything on his mind. They are a cool Canadian band from Winnipeg. The female co-singer Ellen Reid is surprisingly beautiful, I had heard her sing "The Balled of Peter Pumpkinhead" so many times but had never actually seen her before. The Dummies have a lot of hits that you may not realize is theirs, a lot of their music is featured in several movies.
#25 Trooper is another great Canadian band from Vancouver, they came to Barrhead and played in the old Barrhead Inn Tavern October 2003. My Mom, Brianna and I went to see them and they put on a hell of a show. They are an older group of guys but they can still rock and sound great, they also did newer music like "Smooth Criminal". If you get a chance to see Trooper go see them you will not be disappointed. Here's a few of their hits: 1977 – "We're Here For A Good Time (Not a Long Time)" , 1978 – "Raise A Little Hell", and 1979 – "The Boys in the Bright White Sportscar".

- AC/DC is my favourite band in the world. The Tragically Hip is the greatest Canadian Band ever. And Meatloaf is a musical genius that can never be duplicated. 

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