Friday, May 11, 2012

Poutine Quest, Pt I

Why am I writing about poutine? Well it was created in Canada and being a good Canadian citizen it is a dish that I both enjoy and take for granted. I was chatting with some guys from the USA and they were asking me about poutine because in their area it is something they cannot get. And that just blew my mind since it is a dish that has always been around for as long as I can remember. So I've decided to eat poutine for the next few weeks, write about it and share some thoughts with you my friendly reader. 

Today I bought a poutine from KFC, along with a Big Crunch Sandwich. The key to a good poutine is good gravy and there is no better gravy in my opinion than that made by KFC. My only complaint with the KFC poutine is that they do not melt the cheese properly. Warm gravy and fully melted cheese is essential in a great poutine. 

Hungry? Not me. I just ate what your looking at. See you again on my quest!

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Anonymous said...

New York Fries has a really good Poutine,and I think you should try the new one from Wendy's. Cheers!!