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Blog #6: Bad & Great

Blog #6: Bad & Great
Hey now loyal reader(s) this is Chris again with yet another little blog to share with the world. Here is a list of my favorite great "bad guys" from both Television and Film. If you have a great bad guy that I missed be sure to leave a comment below!
- Dr Hannibal Lecter (from Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal and Red Dragon)
This guy was so creepy and Anthony Hopkins played him so well. The scariest part is that there really are people out there like this...cannibalism is just a scary concept to me, and most people.
- Syler (from "Heroes")
He is a super powered serial killer. He takes powers from other super powered people by killing them and cutting their head open and removing part of their brain. He is the main bad guy from the show "Heroes' and is played to perfection by Zachary Quinto. He kills and has no problem doing it and is scary. his man super powers include: healing, tele-kinetics, he can tell when someone is lying, super hearing, he can turn anything into gold, and the list goes on and on.

-  Darth Sidious/ Emperor Palpatine (Star Wars movies)
This guy waited patiently and rose to become the Emperor, created the evil "Galactic Empire" and almost destroyed the Jedi Knights forever...
- Stewie (from "Family Guy")
He is a baby killer. He hates his Mom so much he tries to kill her from time to time. His ultimate goal is world domination. Plus he may be gay, which doesn't make him bad just confused which may fuel his rage.
- Khan (from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)
Ricardo Montalban played Captain Kirk's greatest nemesis and was an awesome baddie. He left his mark as being the villain that caused Mr Spock to sacrifice his life to save his ship and crew.

- Bill (from Kill Bill volume 1 and 2)
This guy was a kung fu master and founder of the "Deadly Viper Assassination Squad", made up of his brother Budd and super babes Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu, Vivica A. Fox and Daryl Hannah. Played by the late great David Carradine

- Doctor Zaius (from the original Planet of the Apes film and Beneath the Planet of the Apes)
Played by Maurice Evans. This guy hated humans so much he performed experimental lobotomies and castration on them. He was the nemesis of Colonel Taylor, played by the great Charlton Heston.
-  Skeletor (from "He-Man")
He was He-Man's true nemesis. His goal was to take Castle Greyskull and all the powers of the "Elders" hidden within it. He always seemed to lose to He-Man but he definitely gets an 'A' for effort.

- The Joker (from The Dark Knight)
Played by Heath Ledger. He truly was great and it was the greatest Batman movie yet. It's a terrible shame that Ledger died...he was a great actor who was just starting out.

- Annie Wilkes (Misery)
Played by Kathy Bates. She was the worst number one fan ever!!! She tormented her love "Paul Sheldon" and did everything to him except rape him. She even blew away the sweet old Sheriff who searches for Sheldon. Sheldon after tricking her kills Annie after a hand to hand battle on the floor of her house, she was killed by Sheldon with a metal statue of her pet pig. But she was one sinister bitch played to perfection by Bates. 
- Vic Mackay (from "The Shield") 
He was the main character from "The Shield" but he is definitely a bad guy. He's a crooked cop and cop killer. He sold out his friends to save himself and his ex-wife, but he also a loving father and cool character.
- Adam Monroe (from "Heroes") 
Now he was a cool character. He was a drunk Englishman in 17th century Japan who was know as "Takezo Kensei". He is known through legends as being a great warrior but the truth is he was far from it. His power is healing which gives him long life and the ability to survive being blown up. In the 20th century he became known as Adam Monroe and wanted to create and release a biological plague on Earth to rid it of the excess human population. He was then locked away for 30 years for it, when he was released he wanted to release his bio-weapon again and was stopped by Hiro. He was then imprisoned by Hiro in a buried grave in Japan. Hiro later released Adam who managed to survive the lack of oxygen through his healing power. Adam was captured by agents of Arthur Petrelli who took him to Arthur. Arthur who has the ability to steal powers took Adam's healing from him and Adam aged 400 years in a matter of seconds and he died.

- Arthur Petrelli (from "Heroes")
He is the father to Nathan and Peter. He also tried to have his sons killed for disobeying him. Arthur was poisoned by his wife after she found out he had tried to kill Nathan. Arthur lay in an almost comatose state for 1 year but was able to get others to do his bidding by way of telepathy communication. He took Adam Monroe's healing power and was cured from his illness. After almost killing most of the characters on "Heroes" he himself was killed by Syler. Seemingly killed, he does have healing powers...
- 'Uncle Junior' (from "The Soprano's")
Tony Soprano's Uncle and former Don of New Jersey. Junior tried to have Tony killed at the end of the first season for working behind his back. He later shot Tony in season 6 in a dementia fueled state. Uncle Junior was last seen almost completely out of his mind in a prison hospital.

- Hal 9000 (2001: A Space Odyssey)
Hal was a cool intelligent computer assigned to the Jupiter mission. All Hal was was a voice and several glowing red eyes set out in key areas of the ship which allowed him to observe and interact with his human crew. But he begins to malfunction and systematically kills most of the humans on board his ship except for Dave Bowman. Bowman manages to shut down Hal a little too late...

- Darth Vader (James Earl Jones, Hayden Christensen)
He was a good man who became consumed with greed and jealousy and turned to the dark side. A lot of people are like this but he was different because he was a powerful Jedi Knight, he turned against his people and helped the Emperor to hunt down and destroy the Jedi knights. He was the Emperor's right hand man and helped to rule over the Empire with an iron fist. He used fear, intimidation and murder to get what he wanted out of his followers. He was cold, ruthless and evil.

- Nurse Ratched (Louise Fletcher)
She was a cold hearted bitch who ruled over a ward at a mental hospital. She drove one man to suicide and was responsible for having Jack Nicholson's character receive a lobotomy at the end of "One Flew Over The Cuckoo'c Nest".
- Ben Linus (from "Lost")
Ben looks like a little nerd but he can kick some serious ass. He also tells some serious lies all the time. He time traveled his way off the island, is able to communicate with the Smoke Monster and killed John Locke...truly a cool and interesting character.

- 'CSM' (from "The X-Files")
He works with aliens, has survived attempts on his life and may have fathered several of the characters on the show including the main character "Agent Mulder". He also tried to have Mulder killed on several occasions and shot his other son, Agent Jeffery Spender in the face for disobeying him.

- Tony Soprano (from "The Soprano's")
Although he is the main character of the show he is a bad guy for these reasons: He's a Mob Boss, he has killed many people including enemies, friends and family members and he is constantly cheating on his wife. But he is a great father and nice guy when he wants to be.

- Brother Cavil (from "Battlestar Galactica")
He is a sick and twisted cylon who hates humanity with a passion. He also tortured and removed an eye from the man who could be considered his creator/father and had forced sex with his creator/mother. He really is twisted and played to perfection by Dean Stockwell (Al from "Quantum Leap")

- JR Ewing (from Dallas)
This guy like to drink, sleep with women and make money. He also had his wife committed to an insane asylum and survived being shot and his own suicide attempt at the urging of the Devil...

- Mr Burns (from "The Simpsons")
He's old, he's twisted and he's animated. He is constantly the villain on the show.
- Daniel Linderman (from "Heroes")
Played by Malcolm McDowell, Linderman is a rich business man and member of "The Company". He has the ability to heal people with the touch of his hand but that doesn't make him good. His plan was to blow up New York which failed and he himself was killed when his brain was damaged by a guy who can pass through solid objects. Linderman is quite ruthless, cold-blooded and an expert on manipulation.

- Dexter Morgan (from "Dexter")
He is the main character but is a serial killer. But he is a good serial killer because he kills only proven murderers and rapists who manage to escape justice. He admits he is a monster but a controlled monster. The fact that he kills people makes him a bad guy even though he is a good guy.
*** This & That ***
I am a devoted listener of 'The Atomic Geeks Podcast', and this last year I had submitted an idea for an episode. As a thank you I got an 'Atomic Geeks T-Shirt'. Thanks again Christian, Digio, Bloom and Downs for tackling this Geek idea from me. Unfortunately the shirt is a little small for my somewhat x-larger frame so that is why I am holding the T-shirt and not wearing it. But it will be placed on my wall-of-geekdom in my house.
End Blog#6. Take Care & Have Fun!
- Chrisloc1701

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