Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blog#2: Remember To Remember

In Canada on November 11th we have Remembrance Day. A day to celebrate and remember our veterens of past conflicts and our current soliders who continue to serve our country, defending our freedoms and the freedom of others. A sad fact is that in 2010 it was the first Remembrance Day with no WWI veterans. Although the 2010 events have passed tomorrow there will be another Remembrance day.  Remember to remember on November 11th. Most Remembrance day ceremonies run between 10-12 at most local Legions. The life and freedom we all take for granted was made possible by the blood and sacrifice of our brave veterans who answered the call of their country, and stood against the forces of darkness and tyranny. Anyone heard of the Holocaust?? Don't think for one minute that Adolf Hitler and his sick/twisted Nazi Regime wouldn't have done the same thing to Canadians had they captured this country. Pearl Harbour: We all know what happened there. Imagine if Japanese forces had attacked Vancouver or Victoria.  Our Grandparents and Great-Grandparents and the following generations were spared that evil thanks to the veterens who stood against the Axis Powers.

 Most of us are too young to fully understand and appreciate the sacrifices our veterans and their families made. Parents lost children, children lost parents, all in the name of freedom. My Grandpa Leonard LaBerge served in WWII stationed on Vancouver island. Thankfully he never saw conflict, although I am told that he did see Japanese warships approaching Canada from time to time. I never met my Great Grandpa Ken Lockhart, he died I think before my Dad was even born. I believe he was a veteren of both WWI and WWII. I know he was a P.O.W. in a German camp. My Granny Lockhart once told me a story about GG Ken being on patrol with his friend and was ambushed by a German solider. The German shot and killed his friend but GG Ken shot the German and killed him. My Grandpa Gordon Lockhart served in the army too but thankfully he had been too young to have served in WWII.

As a kid I remember November 11th ceremonies were always important in my family. I remember being annoyed that my parents were making me spend a part of my day off of school to go to ceremonies. Mom and Dad told me it was very important to remember and honor our veterens. The reason most of us get a day off of school or work is because of our veterens. As the years passed I began to appreciate November 11th and honor that day when possible. There have been a few years when I couldn't attend due to my work schedule, at BRL they made us take our November 11th stat at Christmas time. They would put it to a vote and I would vote against it, but time off at Christmas was more important to more people so I was forced to work. When possible I take my children to ceremonies and tell them about how important it is to honor and remember our veterans.

Also as a kid I remember thinking that 'it would be cool to fight in a war' and 'it would be cool to kill bad guys'. God bless Steven Spielberg, his movie 'Saving Private Ryan' really opened my eyes and made me appreciate what our veterens went through, although the movie was told from an American perspective.

 Sadly there are only a few WWII vets left which makes it even more important now than ever to remember and show our respect to all the veterans and their families. As a kid I remember the Legion being full of WWII vets from the Fort Assiniboine area, now there is almost none left. Someone said that our WWII vets are leaving us and like the vets of WWI there will one day be none left so it will be up to us who remember to pass along the stories of our vets. The sacrafices they made must never be forgotten.

 Even today our current troops and future veterans continue the tradition of service and fight for others freedoms and well being. Take the time this year on November 11th to show your respect and appreciation by attending a Remembrance Day ceremony near you. Chances are there will be a veteran there and that veteran will appreciate your presence and respect.  And if you cannot make it to a service, take 2 minutes out of your day to take a moment of silence and remember.

- Chris

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Well done, Chris. You're a fantastic writer and I enjoy your blogging!

Nicole :o)