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Blog #7: Atomic Wedgies

Blog #7: Atomic Wedgies
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- Just wanted to say Happy Anniversary to my Grandma and Grandpa LaBerge. It was 64 years ago they got married and changed history forever, because without them there would be no me and you would not be reading this blog. Sadly Grandpa Leonard passed away in 1997 so he is not here to celebrate this milestone, but I know he is watching from Heaven. 

- An 'Atomic Wedgie' is when you give someone a wedgie and stretch their underwear all the way up and wrap it over their face, while the rest of their underwear rides up their ass crack causing both pain to the victim and laughter to the one giving the wedgie. I've never received an atomic wedgie, but I did see it given to someone while I was in grade 7. I felt bad witnessing this but yet I couldn't look away or stop it. I am honestly wedgie free, people have tried to give me one and I've fought them off with my super-strength. Not that I'm trying to brag but the fact is I am a very big and very strong nerd. Beware...
- I've heard rumours that they are making a new 'He-Man' movie, based on the cartoon and not the 80's movie version. They better have my buddy Orko in this one. Orko was the comic relief and sometimes reluctant hero of the cartoon. He has no legs and flys/hovers around and is a magician whose magic most times creates more trouble than good. In the 80's movie he was replaced by the character 'Gwildor' who was a technology expert, but he was no where near as cool and funny as Orko. I'm starting a movement here and now: Bring Orko back!!!!

- I recently watched the movie 'Moon' starring Sam Rockwell. It's about this guy who lives alone on the Moon and is working for a company that mines an oil substitute on the moon. It's set in the near future. Through the movie it would seem that Rockwell's character is losing his mind. He's been living on the moon for 3 years all alone with the exception of the moon stations computer whom talks to him and tends to his needs. He can't even talk with anyone on Earth because the company's communication satellite is shot so all he can do is send and receive delayed messages. But all is not as it seems and maybe he is not losing his mind...or is he? I enjoyed this movie, I would give it a 3 out of 5 rating. It's not a great movie but it is good, and Sam Rockwell is a great actor you can watch as he acts alone for most of the film. Crystal, who is not a fan of sci-fi movies liked it too so it really is a movie anyone can watch. Moon is on DVD and Blue-Ray right now.

- I never did talk about Dan Brown's newest Robert Langdon thriller 'The Lost Symbol'. I loved it, it may not be as good as 'Angels and Demons' but it is better than 'The Da Vinci Code'. The villain in this book is the best villain Brown has created and there is a plot twist at the end that I missed completely when reading it. It's a great book and definitely worth a read and Dan Brown is still one of my favorite authors. 

- I also recently read W.P. Kinsella's book of short stories 'The Moccasin Telegraph' which was a hilarious read. It's a book about native people living in Hobbema and I haven't laughed so much while reading a book in a long time. Being a Metis myself and having seen true native culture at times growing up, Kinsella seems to be tuned into natives and how some of them live...which is ironic considering Kinsella is an old white guy who claims to never have been to Hobbema ever in his life. My Mom bought me another of his books of short stories which focuses on baseball, I am looking forward to reading that too.

- Random Thought: I just recently found out that the Canadian Federal Government spent $38 million to promote the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games to thought is that we have homeless people and families living in poverty in this country and that 38 million would have been better spent on them. Government a$$holes! Most Canadians already knew for years about the Games in Vancouver so why spend $38 million to tell us something we already know... unreal...

-  I've always wanted to create a science fiction series. I love to watch science fiction and I have come up with a great concept for a show. It takes place in the 25th century and primarily takes place in space and is a show about friendship, war and betrayal. I would focus on the human drama rather than the special effects. I've mapped out the entire story for the series and who the characters are and what happens to each of them throughout the show. One day I hope to complete my proposal and submit it to television executives.

- The new 'Star Trek' movie on Blue-Ray is so very awesome. I am an old school nerd but this movie is great on so many levels even the people who hate Star trek would like it. My wife Crystal hates Trek and often groans when I watch it, but even she liked the new movie. It was made by JJ Abrams and his 'Bad Robot' production company. JJ and Bad Robot are responsible for such TV shows as 'Felicity', 'Alias', 'Lost' and 'Fringe'. They make great entertainment and this film is no exception. Apparently a new 'Trek' TV series is in the works and I just wish 'Bad Robot' would develop the new series. It's hard to believe its been 6 years since 'Star Trek: Enterprise' went off the air. From 1987 to 2005 there was always a Star Trek show on TV. The problem with 'Enterprise' was that it was a good show but it's previous incarnation 'Voyager' sucked so badly that no one was tuning in to 'Enterprise'. Plus Enterprise changed too much of the established 'Trek' history that it turned off fans from it, myself included. But JJ and Bad Robot proved they could transform the Trek movies into something great again why couldn't they do the same with a Trek TV show? It would be awesome, I know it!!!

- I loved the James Cameron film 'Avatar' but I was forced to watch it in 2-D in Barrhead. Cameron has been quoted as saying they will be doing sequels to the movie. Avatar takes place on a moon called 'Pandora' which orbits a gas giant planet like Jupiter in the Alpha-Centauri system. The gas giant Pandora orbits, like Jupiter or Saturn has dozens of moons. Cameron has been quoted as saying the sequel may take place on another moon instead of Pandora. The question I have: If this take place on another moon is this really a sequel then? What makes the movie Avatar is the blue tribes people of Pandora, to go to another moon and focus on other aliens would not make it a sequel. Hopefully Cameron does not go that route, I want to see the humans soldiers come back to Pandora and the Na'vi (the blue tribes people) fight for their planet again...but I shouldn't doubt Cameron's vision. He truly is a genius and should not be second guessed.

- I really do not understand this on-line gaming thing. I know people who play 'World of Warcraft' or as it is also known as 'WOW', and I just can't get into it. I spend a lot of time on the computer but to sit there for hours on end playing a game is something I just can't do. From what I understand to get started you need to buy software and then pay a monthly fee to continue to play, although they are currently offering 'free play' right now. But from time to time 'WOW' will put out new software that is required to continue playing in addition to the monthly fees, which will come later on I would assume after the 'free trial' ends. To me this sounds like a rip-off. I would much rather buy a game once and play it all I want. People become obsessed with this game and I've heard some crazy stories. One guy I know apparently is so much addicted that he constantly calls in sick to work in order to continue to play. Apparently players go on 'quests' and to quit a quest before finishing is a bad thing, so this guy fakes sick and misses work in order to continue. Another guy I know also calls in sick from time to time in order to continue a 'quest'. But this guy is much more dedicated. WOW released new software known as an 'expansion pack' on a Thursday night at midnight. He sent his wife and children away for 5 days, made a special trip into 'Best Buy' to pick up his expansion pack at midnight, bought 30 cheeseburgers from a McDonald's drive-threw (or is it drive-through??) and went home where he spent the next 5 days playing WOW non-stop while sitting in his underwear and eating the cheeseburgers. He also reportedly never bathed for those 5 me that's beyond being a nerd. I was curious about this on-line gaming thing and Facebook advertised some free on-line gaming games. I was not willing to shell out money to play WOW but other games named 'Evony' and 'Astro Wars' were free so I thought I would try them out. I lasted 15 minutes on each game then I quit, they sucked. If WOW is anything like those games I really do not understand how anyone could game like this. I had tried the 'Star Trek Online' role playing game for 3 months but I just couldn't commit the time to the game. You really have to dedicate a lot of time to get anywhere on that game. I'll stick with my Nintendo Wii, which you can also use to play on-line but I don't. WOW players can also text chat and talk with each other while playing, but I'll stick with Facebook for text chat. No offence to anyone reading this who likes WOW, I just don't get it. Although I may have to check out that new 'Star Wars' online game...

- Another thing I don't understand is cell phone text messaging. People spend so much to buy these cell phones then sit there for hours sending out text messages. To me that's crazy. I understand calling people and talking with them on the phone, and sending E-Mails and Facebook messages to people, and Facebook chat I also use, but to spend hours on a cell phone sending texts just seems silly to me. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but to me a phone should be used s a phone and that's it. Especially when you hear about the rise in car accidents due to people texting and driving...and the people who walk down the street without looking because they are busy texting and bump into people. And the people who cross the street without looking because they are too busy texting...this texting is getting out of control. I remember hearing about a school bus driver in Calgary I believe who crashed her bus (with kids on board) because she was distracted because she was texting and driving. Silly and stupid in my opinion.

- I've also heard a statistic that North American Cell phone users pay the highest cell phone rates in the world. It breaks down to this: If my Mom calls me on my cell phone on her cell phone she pays for air time and I pay for the same air time. Canadian cell phone companies double bill on each and every phone call. In other countries, say in Europe for example, if my Mom called me she would be charged for the air time and not me. In other countries you can have a cell phone with no minutes left on it which means you can not place a call. But others could call your cell and you can talk with them because they are paying for the air time, not you. So you could have a cell phone that receives calls but can not place them, with the exception of 911 calls which can always be made regardless if you have air time. We're really getting screwed over in this country in my opinion with cell phones.
- This last summer at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo I  got my pic taken with Jonathan Frakes, Captain Riker himself!! He even shook my hand and noticed my USS Titan shirt... awesome!! 40 minutes later I got my pic taken with Battlestar Galactica stars Micheal Hogan and Kate Vernon. I shook Kates hand then Hogan's hand and he even noticed my shirt. Then in his 'Colonel Tigh' character and Tigh voice he said to me "Hello Captain, well lets get this done!" which was awesome. As I left I said 'thank you' to them and Hogan replied "The pleasure was all ours". They were so nice and it was very cool to have met them.
Have a great week and see you in the future!
- Chris

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