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Blog #9: The Lockie Awards For 2011

Blog #9: The Lockie Awards For 2011
Hey there friendly reader this is Chris writing his little blog again and in this instalment I am handing out my fictional 'Lockie' awards of excellence for the year of 2011 on a variety of topics. These of course are not real awards, but fake ones I intend to award at the start of every year to commemorate the year that just passed. These topics that the awards are given to are very random, simply cool things I liked in 2011, and a few pans as well. SPOILER ALERT!!! I will be discussing details about the topics I'll be discussing, so consider yourself warned. So here it is: The Lockie Awards For 2011
Best Television Drama Series: Breaking Bad
This series is easily my favourite series on TV, and it may easily become my favourite series of all time. This show gets better and better with every season, and in 2011 season 4 was nothing short of incredible. Bryan Cranston better get a 4th Emmy for his performance from the 4th season because no one deserves it more than he. Also Giancarlo Esposito, who played villain 'Gus Fring' better get an Emmy for his performance. He may be the greatest villain ever on Television. The entire creative team on 'Breaking Bad' deserves to be awarded for what they accomplished this season on the show. If you are not watching this show you need to be!!!
Notable Mentions: Son's Of Anarchy, Dexter (season 6 was a vast improvement from season 5) , Law & Order: UK, Doctor Who, Rescue Me (Great final episode!!), Fringe, The Walking Dead.
Notable Pans: True Blood. This series is a guilty pleasure of mine but I just didn't like season 4 in 2011. The story lines were very weak in my opinion and Sookies time with the 'fairies' was very bad and lame. Hoping things change for this series in 2012!!
Best NEW Television Drama Series: Game Of Thrones
This fantasy series was better than I thought it could be. Writing is great, the actors are all solid. The show looks amazing, a little too heavy on the talking and less on the action for my liking, but I'm hoping they'll have more battles in the new season. I tried reading the novels from which this series is based but I got too bored, thankfully this series seems to be cutting the fat from the novels and getting to the point. Having not read the books allows me to appreciate this series more I think. Especially when it concerns the shocking death of a much beloved character!! Check this out!!
Notable Mentions: Hell On Wheels, Pan Am (I may be the only guy watching this show, but I'm liking it. Hopefully it does not get cancelled...), Person Of Interest.
Notable Pans: The Killing, Terra Nova, The Playboy Club (you cannot have a show about Playboy on network TV!!! HBO or Showtime was needed to make this series work!!
Notable To Watch: I have most of the episodes of 'Grimm' on my PVR, just need to find the time to watch them. But the show looks great and all the buzz I have heard seems to suggest that too)
Best Television Comedy Series: The Big Bang Theory
funniest show on TV right now. nuff said!
Best Actor in Television: Bryan Cranston from 'Breaking Bad'
This man may be the greatest actor ever in television. Walter White is one of the most flawed, complicated and sympathetic characters ever created and there is no other actor who could have played him in my opinion. He has won 3 Emmy's already and I am sure he is destined for #4 this year!!
Notable Mention: Peter Dinklage as 'Tyrion Lannister' from the series 'Game of Thrones'.
Best Supporting Actor in Television: Giancarlo Esposito  from 'Breaking Bad'.
Notable Mention: Aaron Paul from 'Breaking Bad'
Best Movie Of 2011 (Theatrical/DVD): Thor
This movie was so much better than what I thought it would be. Blending elements from the comic book, elements of sci-fi and fantasy just made for a great film. Chris Hemsworth was an excellent choice to play Thor. Tom Hiddleston was just as excellent as Thor's brother 'Loki' and Anthony Hopkins did a stellar job as Odin.
Notable Mention: Captain America: The First Avenger, X-Men First Class, Cowboys & Aliens 
Notable Pan: Green Lantern (I had such high hopes for this film. It was not terrible, some parts of it were OK, but as a whole it just did not deliver. They tried to do too much with one film and it just didn't work. I'll definitely give GL 2 a chance because apparently the studio has given the 'green light' for a sequel)
Best Comic Book Series Of 2011: Batman
I was sceptical of this DC Comics relaunch that occurred in September, but the 'New 52' has proved to be the best thing that could happen for that company. I did not read many DC titles prior to this now half my comic stack is now DC titles.  Batman written by Scott Snyder with Greg Capullo as Artist has become my favourite monthly comic. Snyders storyline thus far has been amazing and Capullo in my opinion is currently the best artist in the business. Capullo is definitely doing the best work of his career.
Notable Mentions: Invincible, Action Comics, Irredeemable, FF, Red Wing, Amazing Spider-man, Fantastic Four, Captain America, Captain America & Bucky, Daredevil, Hulk, Justice League, Justice League Dark, Detective Comics 
Notable Pans: New Ultimate Spider-man (I'm sorry I just didn't like this book.  No offence to anyone who does like it but it was just not my cup of tea)
Best Podcast of 2011: The Atomic Geeks
In the world of podcasting this is a podcast I enjoy and is a must listen to when new episodes show up on iTunes. These group of Canadian dudes are hilarious and their show never fails to entertain. They also have their own website where listeners can interact with these guys and offer suggestions for episodes, like I did myself. If you are into nerdy discussions these guys do it great!
Notable Mention: Comic Geek Speak, iFanboy, Word Balloon, Hollywood Babble-on, Jay & Silent Bob Get Old, Smodcast, Breaking Bad Insider, Starbase 66.
Best NEW Podcast of 2011: Nerd Lunch
I didn't forget you guys CT. Nerd Lunch is a podcast based on the great website 'Nerd Lunch' and is a part of 'The Atomic Geeks Network'. Like the Atomic Geeks these guys discuss a variety of nerdy topics every week and never fail to entertain. And if all goes well yours truly may be making a guest appearance in their rotating '4th chair' in a future episode. This is a great podcast and if you have not listened yet you better!!
Notable Mention: I Sell Comics ( a great new podcast from the 'Smodcast Network', recorded in the Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash comic book store in New Jersey. Hosts Mike and Ming are great to listen to.) Classic Film Jerks (from The Atomic Geeks Podcasting Network)
Random Best Of The Rest:
Best Song of 2011: 'Rolling In The Deep' by Adele
Best Celebrity Who Annoys Me: Kim Kardashian. Notable Mention: Charlie Sheen. 
Best Book I Read in 2011: To be honest I don't think I read a whole book in 2011. I started a few but never finished any. I recently bought several Ben Bova novels and a couple Kevin Smith books so that will be what i'm reading in 2011. I read some Power engineering books this past year, does that count?? Why am I asking myself a question??
Best TV Mini-Series in 2011: HBO's 'Mildred Pierce'. I really like Kate Winslet as an actress and I actually enjoyed that mini-series.
Coolest Celebrity Encounter: Meeting my childhood hero Captain Kirk, also known as William Shatner at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo in June.
New Years Resolutions for 2012: Lose more weight. Get my 5th Class Power Engineering Ticket. Read some books and read my huge stack of comics sitting at home.
Well that is all for this edition of my Random Nerdness blog. This is Chrisloc1701 wishing you all the best in 2012. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and maybe I'll see you in the future!! Live Long And Prosper!
- Chris

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