Friday, February 8, 2019

The Punisher season 2 Review

It was...ok. It definitely started out solid then it got very disjointed in the middle through the ending. I am a fan of the original 80’s ‘Jigsaw’ storyline and I really thought they were going that route but then they didn’t. Ben Barnes was great in that role of ‘He who shall not be called Jigsaw’, not sure why they chose not to use that name, maybe because of the Saw movies? 

Jon Bernthal is great as always as Frank Castle and the rest of the cast is alright. I liked the character of ‘Microchip’ from season one and was waiting for his return...which didn’t happen. 

The character of John Pilgrim was fascinating and a very awesome presence on screen, but his character too was cut short from reaching his true potential before the end of the season. 

It was an ok season, definitely not as good as the first. Kinda sad considering Netflix is going to probably cancel this Marvel series as well. But at least it ended with The Punisher kicking ass as he should. 

Season rating: 3***out of 5. 

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