Monday, February 26, 2018

Gin & Juice

Funny thing when your a teenager you listen to stuff you don't want your parents to hear, like Snoop Dogg's album 'Doggystyle'. Now as an adult I have to wait till my kids are in bed to listen to the vinyl version of Doggystyle I bought today.

I got into vinyl last summer when I finally bought a record player. This thing is awesome, I can listen to records, cd's, tapes, mp3's, and memory sticks. It can also convert records to mp3 format. Put simply this thing is simple yet awesome.

 So I have bought a few vinyl records in the past few months including the 'Pulp Fiction' soundtrack, Guardians of the Galaxy deluxe, Nirvana (a 'best of' album). My Mom also lent me her old vinyl collection which is awesome because we have similar tastes in music.

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