Saturday, February 9, 2013

State of the Random Nerdness Union

Hey there fellow blog reader and/or podcast listener this is Chris Lockhart with a quick 'state of the union' address for Random Nerdness.

Have been getting behind on the blog. It's been real busy with the podcast and holiday season and work to blog on a regular basis. But the blogs are going to continue, better late than never. 

Random Nerdness Podcast: 

The Random Nerdness Podcast has been behind schedule lately. My sound engineer and awesome brother-in-law Sebastian went back to Sweden for the holiday season, so we had to take a 3 week break. Seb is not only the 'Sound Engineer', he really is our Podcast Producer too. The reason why the show sounds as good as it does is because of Seb. And he has been real busy with work and family life too. As much as I would like RN to be a weekly podcast it probably will not be at this point. It will probably be released 3 times a month, almost weekly but not. In the coming months I'm hoping Seb will be able to teach me some engineering and production stuff so I can assist in the actual production of the show and take some of the work load from Seb. But the podcast is still being made and look for it at and on iTunes. 

Episode 14 will be our 'He-Man' episode and I am especially excited for that episode release. 

I am also working on a 3rd 'Captains Table' interview episode of RN. Look for that soon!

Geek Fallout Podcast:

I continue my work with GF. That podcast is weekly so be sure to check it out at podbean and on iTunes!

Big thank you to my GF Co-Hosts Richard and Jeff: They have been great with recording on my schedule. Recording the weeks I work is almost impossible, so we have been recording around my work weeks. Thanks guys for helping me to continue to be on the show on a regular basis.  

Both the Random Nerdness Podcast & Geek Fallout are proud members of The Atomic Geeks Podcast Network. 
Check out all the podcasts part of the network on iTunes!

See you in the future!

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