Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gary Bettman and a solution to the NHL Lockout!

I seen a poster on Gary Bettman on facebook saying he should be fired. 3 lock outs in 17 years under his watch. I am no fan of his by any means, but this lock out is not solely his fault, in fact I would go so far as to say I'm a little more on the NHL's side than the NHLPA. I don't agree with everything Bettman does but he is not the devil in this situation.

My solution is this: the NHL severs all ties with the NHLPA. A new Hockey Players Association is formed! There are millions of great unappreciated aspiring hockey players who would love to play in the NHL, even if it is less pay than the previous NHLPA was getting. The money saved by the reduced salaries of the hockey players is passed down. Arena workers all get a raise (from arena ticket people to Zamboni drivers), fans pay less for tickets (at least a 60% reduction in ticket prices), more money goes towards fixing up the arenas, more money given back to community support services, etc. 

Hockey players play for the love of the game, not the size of the paycheque. When their career comes to an end most will have to get another job, just like they used to do. I recently seen a post again on Facebook that stated 'a solider should make more money for serving his country than an athlete playing a game'. And I couldn't agree more. Get back to playing hockey, leave your greed at the door. 

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Dan and Pauline said...

Being from Winnipeg there is still a bitterness in my mouth regarding Bettman. He even looks like a Slimy Snake. But I agree about the whole lockout BS not totally his fault. The thing is I feel bad about the small markets like Winnipeg and Edmonton. Cities that don't have the big star players.